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Helvetica Scans

Name: Helvetica Scans
Website: http://helveticascans.com/
Description: A group that scanlates any kind of interesting manga/manhua. Secretly a group of professional shitposters.

Want to help out? Send us an application over on our site!

Want to translate our scans into another language? Feel free! Credit is appreciated, but not required. We do not own any releases.
Delay: Staff uploads only. This is to maintain the most up to date version of the releases.

Comics by Group

Boku Girl Boku Girl
Sugito Akira/Sugito Akira
Bugs Bugs
Dead Word Puzzle Dead Word Puzzle
Grand Blue Grand Blue
Inoue Kenji/Yoshioka Kimitake
Hoozuki no Reitetsu Hoozuki no Reitetsu
Eguchi Natsumi/Eguchi Natsumi
Kalyx Kalyx
Mikabe Sesuna/Mikabe Sesuna
Kings' Viking Kings' Viking
FUKAMI Makoto/Sadayasu
Kumika no Mikaku Kumika no Mikaku
Ononoka Akihiro/Ononoka Akihiro
Kusanagi-sensei Is Being Tested Kusanagi-sensei Is Being Tested
Yasuda Kousuke/Yasuda Kousuke
Monkey Mountain Monkey Mountain
Mousou Telepathy Mousou Telepathy
Munou na Nana Munou na Nana
Looseboy/Iori Furuya
Mutation Mutation
My Alien Days My Alien Days
Pipa Rat Pipa Rat
Wu Nien-jen/ZAODAO
Return To The Hidden Return To The Hidden
Sea Son Sea Son
Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
Kumota Haruko/Kumota Haruko
Souboutei Must Be Destroyed Souboutei Must Be Destroyed
Fujita Kazuhiro/Fujita Kazuhiro
Ten Thousand Kinds of Love Ten Thousand Kinds of Love
Yang Xiao Ru/Yang Xiao Ru
Three Video Messages Three Video Messages
2chan/Yaguchi Minoru
Tokyo Ghoul: Redrawn Tokyo Ghoul: Redrawn
Ishida Sui/Ishida Sui
Tokyo Ghoul:re Tokyo Ghoul:re
Tokyo Tarareba Musume Tokyo Tarareba Musume

Latest Updates

  Title Group Date

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Hi, Helvetica Scans. I wish to translate Mousou Telepathy, however I haven't had any experience with cleaning. Can you lend me the cleaned versions so that I can do the translation?

Of course I'll be crediting you folks, so please :)

Thanks in advance, whichever the answer may be.



Hi! Helvetica Scans we are Calmly Look Fansub. We want to ask your permisson to retranslate "Ten Thousand Kinds of Love" into spanish. All the credits will be for you and we would be very happy to have your permission ❤️ Thank you so much and I'll be waiting for your answer.

Thanks for translating works of  ZAODAO :)

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