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Neko's Love

Name: Neko's Love
Website: http://nekoslove.livejournal.com/
Description: Grupo de scanlation yaoi en español sin fines de lucro, con el único objetivo de difundir este género y el trabajo de l@s mangakas.
Delay: None

Comics by Group

19 Days 19 Days
Old Xian/Old Xian
Ai no Gebokutachi Ai no Gebokutachi
Sakurai Shushushu/Sakurai Shushushu
Aiteru Door kara Shitsurei Shimasu yo Aiteru Door kara Shitsurei Shimasu yo
Yamada Yugi/Yamada Yugi
Aitsu no Daihonmei Aitsu no Daihonmei
Tanaka Suzuki/Tanaka Suzuki
Allure Allure
Ebihara Yuri/Ebihara Yuri
Ameiro Banyuu Inryoku Ameiro Banyuu Inryoku
Sugita Satomi/Sugita Satomi
Aruji no Oose no Mama ni Aruji no Oose no Mama ni
ZAOU Taishi/ZAOU Taishi
Binan no Dendou DX Binan no Dendou DX
Shinba Rize/SHINBA Rize
Boku no Koi no Hanashi - Himegoto Boku no Koi no Hanashi - Himegoto
Shinba Rize/Shinba Rize
Bukiyou na Silent Bukiyou na Silent
Takanaga Hinako/Takanaga Hinako
Color Recipe Color Recipe
Fool Fool Fool Fool
Amano Moe/Amano Moe
Fujimi Orchestra Fujimi Orchestra
Akizuki Kou/Gotou Sei
Gakuen Heaven Gakuen Heaven
Spray/Higuri You
Harem Days Harem Days
Naono Bohra/Naono Bohra
Hatarakimasen! Hatarakimasen!
Yamada Yugi/Yamada Yugi
Ikujinashi no Spectator Ikujinashi no Spectator
Yamamoto Ataru/Yamamoto Ataru
Ikura Nandemo Suki Sugiru Ikura Nandemo Suki Sugiru
Honjou Rie/Honjou Rie
Inu Catalog Inu Catalog
Kirishima Tamaki/Kirishima Tamaki
Inu mo Kuwanai Inu mo Kuwanai
Psyche Delico/Psyche Delico
Itsumo Soba ni Ite Itsumo Soba ni Ite
Toyama Masuko/Toyama Masuko
J-Boy J-Boy
Kakusei Shigansha Kakusei Shigansha
Kurokawa Azusa/Kurokawa Azusa
Karera wa Yoru ka Ame no Naka Karera wa Yoru ka Ame no Naka
Honjou Rie/Honjou Rie
Kawaii Beast Kawaii Beast
Tsuge Amayo/Tsuge Amayo
Kaze no Yukue Kaze no Yukue
Kunieda Saika/Kunieda Saika
Kemomimi Shouji Kemomimi Shouji
Amagi Reno/Amagi Reno
Kimi to Harujion Kimi to Harujion
Kinoshita Keiko/Kinoshita Keiko
Kizuna Sessa Takuma Kizuna Sessa Takuma
Koyubi wa Amaku Sasayaku Koyubi wa Amaku Sasayaku
Suzuhara Hirono/Suzuhara Hirono
Kyoushi mo Iroiro Aru Wake de Kyoushi mo Iroiro Aru Wake de
L'Étoile Solitaire L'Étoile Solitaire
Ogami Yuno/Ogami Yuno
Love Letter of Flowers Love Letter of Flowers
Mishima Kazuhiko/Mishima Kazuhiko
Lovers Doll Lovers Doll
Mishima Kazuhiko/Mishima Kazuhiko
Machi no Denkiya-san Machi no Denkiya-san
CJ Michalski/CJ Michalski
Magical Travel Boy Magical Travel Boy
Yamato Nase/Yamato Nase
Mamiya Seitai Ningyouten Mamiya Seitai Ningyouten
Mishima Kazuhiko/Mishima Kazuhiko
Mirai no Kioku Mirai no Kioku
Kunieda Saika/Kunieda Saika
Mujinto Lovers Mujinto Lovers
Sakurai Shushushu/Sakurai Shushushu
Oaji wa Dou Desu ka? Oaji wa Dou Desu ka?
Sakura Haiji/Sakura Haiji
Ohisama no Tamago Ohisama no Tamago
Okaeri wa Kochira Okaeri wa Kochira
Yamato Nase/Yamato Nase
Omoikkiri Suki ni Natte! Omoikkiri Suki ni Natte!
Chitose Piyoko/Chitose Piyoko
Onozomi no Mama ni Onozomi no Mama ni
Kae Maruya/Kae Maruya
Ote wo Haishaku Ote wo Haishaku
Sakumoto Ayu/Sakumoto Ayu
Otoko Hiroimashita. Otoko Hiroimashita.
CJ Michalski/CJ Michalski
Ouji-sama no Kiss Ouji-sama no Kiss
CJ Michalski/CJ Michalski
Plus 20cm no Kyori Plus 20cm no Kyori
Sakuragi Yaya/Sakuragi Yaya
Punch Drunk Babies Punch Drunk Babies
Hiiro Reiichi/Hiiro Reiichi
Renai Shinan Renai Shinan
Takatsuki Noboru/Takatsuki Noboru
Romantic Joutou Romantic Joutou
Saigo no Door wo Shimero! Saigo no Door wo Shimero!
Yamada Yugi/Yamada Yugi
Shinkon Gokko de Itoshite Shinkon Gokko de Itoshite
Minami Haruka/Minami Haruka
Sonoki ni Sasenaide Sonoki ni Sasenaide
Tenzen Momoko/Tenzen Momoko
Soshite Boku wa Koi wo Suru Soshite Boku wa Koi wo Suru
Ichijou Lemon/Ichijou Lemon
Tamayura (YUKI Ringo) Tamayura (YUKI Ringo)
YUKI Ringo/YUKI Ringo
The Lion Doesn't Refuse The Lion Doesn't Refuse
Kiriyu Kiyoi/Kiriyu Kiyoi
Tokyo Yaban no Chizu Tokyo Yaban no Chizu
Dr. Ten/Dr. Ten
Toritan Toritan
Yamamoto Kotetsuko/Yamamoto Kotetsuko
Urahara to Dilemma Urahara to Dilemma
Warawanai Ningyo Warawanai Ningyo
IMA Ichiko/IMA Ichiko
Wild Kiss Wild Kiss
Nakajo Hisaya/Nakajo Hisaya
Yakusoku no Yokan Yakusoku no Yokan
Sakura Sakuya/Sakura Sakuya
Yannacchaukurai Aishiteru Yannacchaukurai Aishiteru
Takakura Row/Takakura Row

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