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Supreme Cream Scanlations

Name: Supreme Cream Scanlations
Website: http://supremecream.wordpress.com/
Description: Your supremely creamy source for webtoon and manga scanlations!
Delay: None

Comics by Group

3 Level Combination 3 Level Combination
HA Il-kwon/HA Il-kwon
Afterschool War Activities Afterschool War Activities
Ha Il-Kwon/Ha Il-Kwon
Again!! Again!!
KUBO Mitsurou/KUBO Mitsurou
American Ghost Jack American Ghost Jack
HAN Ji-hye/AHN Jeong-eun
Anastasia no Shinei Taichou Anastasia no Shinei Taichou
KATO Kotono/KATO Kotono
Bigger Hunter Bigger Hunter
Bisan (The Flying Mountain) Bisan (The Flying Mountain)
Park Hye-rim/Park Hye-rim
coda coda
Ichimura Hitoshi/Ichimura Hitoshi
Cold Moon Chronicles Cold Moon Chronicles
Doonggule Tea! Doonggule Tea!
Eight Eight
Kamijo Atsushi/Kamijo Atsushi
God of Bath God of Bath
HA Il-kwon/HA Il-kwon
Gosu (The Master) Gosu (The Master)
RYU Ki-Woon/MOON Jung-Hoo
Gunka no Baltzar Gunka no Baltzar
NAKAJIMA Michitsune/NAKAJIMA Michitsune
Moteki Moteki
KUBO Mitsurou/KUBO Mitsurou
Nobunaga no Chef Nobunaga no Chef
Peak Peak
Hong Seong-su/Im Gang-hyeok
Regarding Death Regarding Death
Shion no Ou Shion no Ou
Sperman Sperman
Ha Il-Kwon/Ha Il-Kwon
The Friendly Winter The Friendly Winter
The Last Question The Last Question
Isaac Asimov/Ryul
Transparent Cohabitation Transparent Cohabitation
Yongbi the Invincible Yongbi the Invincible
RYU Ki-Woon/MOON Jung-Hoo

Latest Updates

  Title Group Date
Yongbi the Invincible Vol.14 Ch.134 Read Online
Easy Going Scans & Supreme Cream Scanlations A week ago
Gosu (The Master) Ch.87: Season 2 Chapter 1
Supreme Cream Scanlations A week ago

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Hey, do you guys ever plan on continueing nobunaga no chef. Its a real shame such a good story has fallen behind but i understand that there are sometimes complications.


Yeah sorry about this, but the translator in charge of this project is no longer interested in it and has gone inactive - so it's not likely that we'll resume this any time soon. 

Hey, do you guys ever plan on continueing nobunaga no chef. Its a real shame such a good story has fallen behind but i understand that there are sometimes complications.

Are you guys still doing Gunka no Balzer? I think that it would dishearten the masses if you guys gave it up. 

I just read Afterschool War Activities after it coming up on the "Random" button and enjoyed it immensely.  I look forward to future chapters.


Although this group's name reminds me of the tag line from one of the fake movie ads in the spoof film, Kentucky Fried Movie, where they said, "You'll CREAM in your jeans when you see 'Catholic High School Girls in Trouble!' A Samuel L. Bronkowitz production."  A film made by the guys who later made the movie, "Airplane."





I think the five star rating would be due much more to the quality and celerity of their scanlating. Along with their cohorts at Village Idiot, Supreme Cream puts out quality manga/manhwa at the cyclic rate with no skimping on quality of scanning, translation, or (big grump from me here) quality of English grammar in the translation. For groups like these two, there should be a special six stars award. To paraphrase "The Saint," (an early 20th century short story series by Leslie Lin Charteris), "For your great efforts, I hereby award you the Swaffer Biscuit."
Five star rating to this group, why? Because of an awesome awesome group name that's why...
Hi An_Nhien, could you send an email to supremecreamscans@gmail.com? And tell us your website (if you have one) and there are some conditions. One is that we will have to ask you to only provide a read online option - perhaps on batoto? We can discuss more in emails though, more private~
Hi guys,

The Friendly Winter is an interesting story. Thank you for your posts. I just wonder whether I can translate this story into Vietnamese or not. I want my friends who love manga can read it in mother language :). I hope you'll accept my suggest :D

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