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Twisted Hel Scans

Name: Twisted Hel Scans
Website: http://www.twistedhelscans.com
Description: The quality scanlation group driven insane in Hel.
Delay: We'll upload asap so no need to worry, but checking our site would be the best

Comics by Group

Area 51 Area 51
HISA Masato/HISA Masato
Blood Lad Blood Lad
Can't See Can't Hear But Love Can't See Can't Hear But Love
Nasty Cat/Nasty Cat
Chouritsu Houmuru Zyklus;CODE Chouritsu Houmuru Zyklus;CODE
Ninomiya Ai/Katagiri Ikumi
Faceless Woman Faceless Woman
Flower Dream Flower Dream
Team Saladressing/Team Saladressing
Freezing Freezing
IM Dal-Young/KIM Kwang Hyun
GOD EATER -the 2nd break- GOD EATER -the 2nd break-
Bandai Namco Games/KATAGIRI Ikumi
Grateful Dead Grateful Dead
Hisa Masato/Hisa Masato
Guru Guru Circus Guru Guru Circus
Yomoyama Takashi/Yomoyama Takashi
Hive Hive
Kim Gyu-Sam/Kim Gyu-Sam
Like Doodling Like Doodling
Nasty Cat/Nasty Cat
Living With One Leg Living With One Leg
Nasty Cat/Nasty Cat
Livingstone Livingstone
Maekawa Tomohiro/Kataoka Jinsei
Motae Solo Motae Solo
Necrophilia of Darkside Sister Necrophilia of Darkside Sister
Kazumiya Akira/Kazumiya Akira
Rengoku no Karutagura Rengoku no Karutagura
Robotics;Notes Robotics;Notes
5pb. & Nitroplus/Asakawa Keiji
Saihate no Ao Saihate no Ao
Fuyume Saya/Fuyume Saya
Sekisei Inko Sekisei Inko
Suisei no Gargantia Suisei no Gargantia
Okeanosu/Mitogawa Wataru
Time Eliminator Time Eliminator
Tokyo Ghoul Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul:re Tokyo Ghoul:re
Tokyo 卍 Revengers Tokyo 卍 Revengers
Wakui Ken/Wakui Ken
Trace 1.5 Trace 1.5
Nasty Cat/Nasty Cat
Trace 2.0 Trace 2.0
Nasty Cat/Nasty Cat
Worldend: Debugger Worldend: Debugger
Mikami Ritsuhiro/Mikami Ritsuhiro
Zerozaki Soushiki's Humanity Test Zerozaki Soushiki's Humanity Test
SHIOMIYA Iruka & NisiOisin/SHIOMIYA Iruka

Latest Updates

  Title Group Date

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Sorry, which manga? I'm guessing bato.to would be a good place. If you are not seeing the chapter you should know you need to be registered to see them.


Thanks for continuing TG;Re- the difference of the image quality between the speedscans and the tankobon scans is huge and I think Ishida's art has improved, people just see shitty scan image quality thats why they criticize it

Thanks for TG:Re 27-28

Thank you for Area 51!!

Thanks for the TG:Re release 

Hello, to all the questions I saw thus far.

Yes, we are not dead (although we might seem so). 

Releases will be done soon (for personal reasons I've been in an unwanted hiatus for a bit, however the amazing staff of THS has been working either way so some things got done while I was away, which will result in releases soon.)

Yes, I plan to do batch releases of volumes soon, but first I need to catch up on many things =)


I was wondering if you are going to keep your activities as an scanlation group, because I haven't seen any new announcements since August. 

I hope you all are fine.


Also, I tried to register in your site but it said I need to wait for your approval...


Thank you for your awesome work till now and hope to see you again!

Hello! Will the remaining Tokyo Ghoul chapters be uploaded in volume batches like before? 

Congratulations on finishing Tokyo Ghoul and thank you. I'm looking forward to your releases of the sequel.

Seems like there is...

Chapter 118 - There is one missed page (Both in Batoto and THS's site), just saying so



Wish you enjoyment in the work ^.^


Thanks for telling, I will fix it when I get to do the volume batches :)

Seems like there is...

Chapter 118 - There is one missed page (Both in Batoto and THS's site), just saying so



Wish you enjoyment in the work ^.^

Thanks for keeping up with Tokyo Ghoul! 

Thanks as usual, they're really easy to read.

Thanks for Tokyo Ghoul! Waiting for you is completely worth it!

Thank you for your hard work !!! I really appreciate it :D

guys there are so many chapters of TG out...but I wont read them. I'll wait for your release!

Thank you so much for updating Tokyo Ghoul with dedication! I am indebted, truly, you're the only ones that do it justice and that I follow with avid determination. I'm also surprisingly patient just knowing that your work results in wonderful scans. Thanks again, can't wait for chapter 86 of Tokyo Ghoul and so forth! :)

Already said it on the TKG page, but thank you so much for chapter 84 of Tokyo Ghoul. ;a; Keep up the good work!

Guys, kill the bastards who are stealing you Tokyo ghoul !


No need to be so rough =P Our chapters talk by themselves ~ 

Not sure if this is really the right place, but thanks for translating Tokyo Ghoul!

Guys, kill the bastards who are stealing you Tokyo ghoul !

thank you for tokyo ghoul, kinda shame the freelancers couldnt collaborate with you

Thank you for Tokyo Ghoul !!!!!

oh dang o daaaang the hype is real i kinda wanna finish tokyo ghouls :o Thanks for the goodwork

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