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/u/: a part of 4chan. Not to be confused with "/u/ scanlations"

U-Mizu Scans

http://u-mizuscans.tumblr.com/ Tiny group focusing on Real Account II (and any other projects that catch their eye). 0

U-Prod Scanlations

http://www.uprodscans.com/ inactive Delay Depends on Uploader; only U-Prod staff can upload chapters




http://u-zai.tumblr.com/ 0

UC Rumble Scans

Defunct (Since 2007)



http://www.uc-cervello.it/home.html Gruppo Fansub-MangaScan i cui membri hanno esperienza da vendere in ambo gli ambienti. Specializz...

Uchiha Scanlator

http://www.uchiha.com.br Scanlator brasileiro.

Uchuu Scans Team



http://leo-ueda.blogspot.com/ Inactive Group


http://uhtiaoh.livejournal.com/ 0

UIF TEAM: Uchiha Itachi Italia Forum

http://uchiha.itachi.italia.forumfree.it/ Siamo un forum in crescita che vuol far vedere al mondo la sua passione per i manga e gli anime! ;) 30 minutes

ujrkingdom works

http://ujrkingdom.net A list of my works that I am currently hosting on Batoto and my website.

ukitake Ari


Ukryta Wioska


Ule's Klan

https://www.facebook.com/Kars-El-Sensual-428651770629218/?fref=ts ¡Empezamos un proyecto de JoJo's A color en Español!
Espero que lo disfruten.


http://www.arlongpark.net/showthread.php?t=33501 Just a one-time project for One Piece Vol. 61 in HQ 0

Ultimate Banchou

http://ubscans.wordpress.com/ English Scanlation Group 0

Ultimate Fansub

http://ultimate-fansub.blogspot.com/ 0

Ultras Manga Team

http://ultrasmanga.forumcommunity.net/ Siamo un gruppo di persone che per passione traduce e pubblica manga inediti in italia per farli...

UMAD Scans

http://umadscans.ryuutama.com/ (UMAD)Meiling and DamageDesu Scanlations was created to bring you the best of doujin and manga wo...



http://umeboshi.uni.cc/ Inactive Group





Umi Da

Just one guy working on a Neptunia manga at the moment. 0

Umi no Neko

A French Scanlation Team. No Licenced series .No Delay

UMR Scans

http://umrscans.weebly.com/ Just a Comic GT fan trying to share my enjoyment. I desperately need Korean>English translato... 48 hours

Uncharted Scanlations

https://www.facebook.com/UnchartedScanlations/ Our newly formed scanlation group, we are hosting the Gamble Fish Manga, Kiss My Ass, and more in... 0

Undead Scanteam

Scan team dedicated to scanlating Ore ga Doutei. Consists of three members: Honeythief (TL), Soze...

Under the Bridge Scans

http://underthebridgescans.wordpress.com/ Side projects~


http://undercover-witch.tumblr.com/ 0

Underdog Scans

http://underdogscans.wordpress.com/ We prefer underdog MC's
2 hours


http://undertheblossomingcherrytrees.weebly.com/index.html only one passion! Manga!

UnderWorld Scanslation

http://manga.underworldfansub.net/ Grupo dedicado a la traducción de manga desde el Japones/Ingles. Cuando esté listo


Helló Universe! This group is under development but hopefully we can attain our goal of be... 0

Unexpected Fate

http://unexpected-fate.livejournal.com/ Inactive since 2008.

Unexpected Scans

http://unexpectedscans.wordpress.com Releases unexpected series at unexpected times! 0

Unforgettable Fansub

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Unforgettable-Fansub/1506640262942365 Traducimos muchos relacionados con Cosas de la Vida, es lo que mas nos gusta.No pueden sacar el m...


http://united-team.net/scan/ Um grupo dedicado a apresentar bons mangás para seus leitores. Feito de fãs para fãs! 0

Unity Fansub

http://unityfansub.net/ Beraberlik içinde çeviri yapan grup.Sitemizden çevirilerimizi indirebilirsiniz. :)Anime çeviriler... Yok

Universo Anime Fansub

https://uafansub.wordpress.com Traducción de mangas al español. 0

Universo Anime Fansub.

https://uafansub.wordpress.com/ Universo Anime Fansub nacio un 7 de Agosto de 2005 gracias a RubymoonLily y Clow quienes se encam... 0



Unknown III

Unknown III, a somewhat experienced JP/CH translator and amatuer everything else. 0

Unknown Scans


Unknown Username



http://unlifestudios.fateback.com/manga.html Inactive Group

Unlimited Coffee Works


Unlimited Fap Works


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