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Website: http://vampire.knight.forumcommunity.net
Description: This is the Vampire Knight ITALIAN Scanlation Team!
If you want more VK materials, visit our forum.
Delay: Do NOT redistribute our scans/scanlations on any sites. Only VK FORUM staff can upload.

Comics by Group

Boku wa Kiss de Uso wo Tsuku Boku wa Kiss de Uso wo Tsuku
Otomegokoro Otomegokoro
Vampire Knight Vampire Knight
HINO Matsuri/HINO Matsuri
Wanted Wanted
Hino Matsuri/Hino Matsuri

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sono iscritta al forum e vi seguo anche qui, perchè siete fantastici!!! :D

Hello VK Forum,
This is Yoona from S2scans. If you will use our cleans and will redraw our watermarks for Vampire Knight. Atleast, credit our group for the Cleans/Raws.
Mornin' to all our fans!! Our group is editing vampire knight chapter 84, released in Japan before yesterday. We have a request. Does anyone have HQ RAWS in japanese or chinese WITHOUT any LOGO printed on VK character's faces or wherever? We work hard in order to avoid the damage of vampire knight images, We don't need scan group logos or other shit on them. :P If You want to say "we made this" You can add your group name at page's side, not on it". This is our slogan XD
ok grazie^^
lo abbiamo appena inserito ^^
^^quando metterai il capitolo 82 di vampire kight?
^^quando metterai il capitolo 82 di vampire kight?
aaaaaaaaaaaaa >_< i manga escono così dopo. :3

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