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http://weblations.weebly.com/ Just a Korean girl scanlating webtoons cannot host the latest releases

WSG Scans

https://wsgscans.wordpress.com/ Weekly Shounen Girl Scanlation Project by Aoitenshi 0


http://aminoapps.com/p/403kz4 0

Wildwords Editions

Freelance typesetter, lover of Wildwords fonts

Work on random manga chapters

When They Translate

http://whenwetranslate.livejournal.com/ Friends help you translate. Better friends help you hide the bodies. An extremely dedicated Higur... 0

Wildflower Scans

http://wildflowerscans.wordpress.com 0


http://wallsina-goodbye.tumblr.com/ 0


http://www.wolfscan.altervista.org Traduzione principalmente di manhwa irregolare

WhyNOT scans!

A one man editing group created in my (Heleleo) spare time to work on series. Now with plus one s... 0

Wishing Star

defunct 0

WDM Scanlation

https://www.facebook.com/WDMsScans/ We`re a newly formed BL Scanlation group.We couldn`t wait anymore for scanlation groups to transl... 0

Wolf3D Scanlations


WAT | World Anime Team ITA.

http://worldanimeteam.forumcommunity.net/ Fansub & MANGA. 0

WE Scans



http://scans.widdiful.co.uk/ Badly translating whatever my friends tell me to and updating whenever I feel like.I'm just t... Unscheduled

WN Translations

We're a TL group focusing primarily on Kantai Collection doujins. No specific schedule on pro... 0

WAT- World Anime Team

http://worldanimeteam.forumcommunity.net/ 0

WS Scan

A guy translating Wizard's Soul. 0

Words Without Borders

http://wordswithoutborders.org Founded in 2003, Words without Borders promotes cultural understanding through the translation, p... 0


http://webtoontr.com/ Webtoon odaklı türkçe çeviri grubu. 0

Wayang Scans

http://wayang-scans.blogspot.com/ we're translating this manga in our free time so we're sorry if the translation is slow 0

Welcome to Heaven

http://heaven.neo-romance.net/ 0


https://wakga.wordpress.com 0

Wizard Scans

http://wizscans.co.vu/ Our goal here at Wizard is to bring the most quality translations possible to your favorite serie... 7 Days

Whiteout Scans

http://whiteoutscans.com New group taking a stab at this scanlation thing as a hobby. 0


http://wickedalucard.deviantart.com I love my cats.I also lurk at these places:https://www.facebook.com/WickedalucardOfficialhttps://... 0

White Celestial Arts

A group who makes comic. We will focus on developing the world of Ertha. 0

Wind Fansub

http://wind-fansub.kazeo.com/ 7 days


http://wingfril.livejournal.com/ none as of now. 0

Watashi no yume ~ Scantrad

http://watashi-no-yume-works.blogspot.com/ Recién nos estrenamos en el mundo del scantrad. Aún asi , llevamos recopilando mangas de buena ca... 0


http://washokudan.tumblr.com/ We are a busy release group with slow releases. Busy RL is busy. (Also we love Japanese food and... Honestly, keep the credits page in. What the fuck is wrong with you.


http://w0jt1.blogspot.com Translating random mangas. No eta, low quality and many mistranslation. One man group, with littl... 0

WaterFlame Scanlations

http://waterflamescans.net Looking for TWC? If not stay and look at what I've done. I work on TWC with http://bato.to/gr... 0

Wordy Wings Translation

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wordy-Wings-Translation/1537151106500948?fref=ts 0

Warrior Soul

Nuevo grupo en español.
Más info luego.

-Spanish group.

Webtoons Reader

A dead group.A new group (Webtoons Rush) founded by a member of this dead group is planning to ta...

Waterlily Fansub

http://waterlily-fansub.blogspot.com/ Fansub dedicado a traducir manwhas 0



Wasurenagusa Scans

We're a two person team and we translate random stuff. 0

Weather Studios

https://www.facebook.com/reon.merryweather Original English Manga studio 0

Winter Translations

http://www.winter-translations.tumblr.com Founded in Winter of 2013, Winter Translations scanlates a wide range of Shoujo and Josei manga f... 0

Wander Scan

http://wanderscan.blogspot.com/ Nvo grupo scan dedicado a editar mangas de fans y para fans!! 0

Webtoon Life

http://webtoonlife.blogspot.com.tr/ Türkçe Webtoon çeviri grubu 0

We Hate Manga

Defunct group. 0

Waifu no Kuni

https://www.facebook.com/waifunokuni 0

We Do It Better!

http://wedoitbetter.altervista.org/ Traduciamo tutto ciò che troviamo interessante. Venite a trovarci sul sito per scaricare i capito... 0

White Scanlation

http://whitescanlation.blogspot.mx/ Coming Welcome to white scanlations.For me white means ''pure'' and this is word that de... Only White Scanlation can upload in batoto

Wenqing Yan

http://yuumei.deviantart.com/ Also known as Yuumei. From her DeviantArt page:"I am a Practice of Art major at UC Berkeley w... 0


http://welovecurryblog.wordpress.com/ Translating from english to french.Traduction de l'anglais vers le français, plus d'infor...


http://www.webcopedia.fr/ Anciennement appelés la Toshokan, nous sommes une team de passionnés spécialisés dans le scantrad... 0

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