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Name: Washokudan
Website: http://washokudan.tumblr.com/
Description: We are a busy release group with slow releases. Busy RL is busy. (Also we love Japanese food and have names as if we were a girl street gang.)

We release in batches and bundles every few months. Everytime it's a different series from our current lineup.

Feel free to jump into our tumblr inbox and suggest manga for us to work on or consider! (You may want to look at our lineup for inspiration.)
Delay: Honestly, keep the credits page in. What the fuck is wrong with you.

Comics by Group

Amaama to Inazuma Amaama to Inazuma
Doko ka de Dare ka mo Tabete iru Doko ka de Dare ka mo Tabete iru
Ono Natsume/Ono Natsume
Evil Heart Evil Heart
Kamisama no Joker Kamisama no Joker
Kusunoki Michiharu/Sahara Mizu
Magi Magi
OHTAKA Shinobu/OHTAKA Shinobu
Tenohira no Netsu wo Tenohira no Netsu wo
Kitano Eiichi/Kitano Eiichi

Latest Updates

  Title Group Date

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Thank's alot for Evil Heart, i really need more * 3*

Thank you so much, I thought that i would never read again Evil Heart. I hope you could take it to the very end¡ Thank you again.

Yes! Thanks so much for picking up Evil Heart. This one is very interesting and I was sad when no more releases happened for a few years. :(

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