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Name: widdiful
Website: http://scans.widdiful.co.uk/
Description: Badly translating whatever my friends tell me to and updating whenever I feel like.

I'm just the worst, really
Delay: Unscheduled

Comics by Group

+ Tic Neesan + Tic Neesan
Kurii Cha/Kurii Cha
Meroncholinista Meroncholinista
Squirrel Nuts Squirrel Nuts
Ookawa Bukubu (bkub)/Ookawa Bukubu (bkub)
Teekyuu Teekyuu

Latest Updates

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DUDEEEEEE ty for doing nee-san!

If you are terribly stuffed with spare time perhaps you can pick up Sadomi as well? http://bato.to/comic/_/comics/sadomi-the-sadist-girl-strikes-back-r3427 Thanks for your hard work!!!

Thanks for all of your hard work! I am loving +Tic Neesan. :)

Dude you're great, thanks for all this neesan, glad to see you've picked up Teekyuu too.

Appreciate the chapter of +Tic

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