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Ahiru no Oujisama

Alt Names: alt Ahiru no Ôjisamaalt あひるの王子さまalt 丑小鸭王子alt Der Entenprinz (German)alt Duck Princealt El patito feo (Spanish)alt 醜小鴨王子alt Il principe papero (Italian)alt Le Vilain Petit Canard (French)
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceShoujo ShoujoSlice of Life Slice of LifeSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: In reality, an ugly duckling could never become a beautiful swan. However, when a short ugly boy makes a wish to be reborn beautiful, his wish is granted and he becomes a gorgeous young man that all the girls fall for. Will being beautiful be everything that he hoped it would be?
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Only character I care about us Ed /the dog

Kind of an open ending. Truth be told, I didn't like much, not only the ending but also the story overall.


About the characters:

Reiichi is annoying and weak, how I wished it changed along the story... No such luck. 

Yumiko, in a twisted way, is a superficial person, too. If you care way too much about the appareance, even if it's "ugly" one is attracted for, that's being superficial, as far I'm concerned. I never liked her much. 

Reiko-nee-san: shipped only for the incest, but in truth, she is a royal bitch. 

Since I read 17 until the ending now and don't recall much, I think my favorite character is Mister. He's great. Funny, cute and absolutely insane. Knowing the reason he got transformed into a dog made me like him even more. Elias is a real jackass. Actually, all the characters are, if I think about it. 

A bee stung me XD

Sad he turned back again but......oh well at least he did a good thing in the end......great chapter!

Ugh i needed to read ch 1-17 on mfox site ;< I really like to read here ;p

Oh Boy!!! An Update!!! Now to wait for "My Barbaric Girlfriend"


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