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Angel Densetsu

Alt Names: alt Angel Legendalt エンジェル伝説alt Legend of an Angel
Author: YAGI Norihiro
Artist: YAGI Norihiro
Genres: Action ActionComedy ComedyDrama DramaMartial Arts Martial ArtsRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen Shounen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: The story is of Kitano Seiichirou, a very kind and pure-hearted young man, with a horrifying, monstrous face. People being what they are, they think he's a terrifying delinquent, and there are plenty of chance misunderstandings (coupled with Kitano's convenient inability to understand what's happening around him) that propel him into the position of "school guardian", a.k.a. head thug on campus.
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This was a gem I read long, long ago... and that I re-read every now and then. Content-wise, the only misstep I felt was the foreigner arc, which seemed to drag a bit. Otherwise, it was a charming, amusing journey every step of the way, which is no small feat for a manga lasting this many volumes on such a delicate premise.


But it was the author's sentiment at the end that stuck to me, in that he wanted us to think of Angel Densetsu not as an authored work, but a peek into the lives of a funny bunch of folks in Heikyuu. I can share the sentiment, that long after I've turned the last page and closed the book, Kitano and company are still going about, having the silliest of adventures.

Wow, this was an amazing ride to binge read for 2 days straight. To anyone on the fence about reading this because of the art style, give it a go, you won't regret it. And when the reading is over, go back to the first couple chapters and be amazed at the mangaka's artistic transformation. This is going on my list of hardcovers to purchase.

Kudos to the scanlators for looking past the rough start, and bringing us a manga that just kept getting better. Bravo. ٩(^ ₒ ^)۶


But I have to respectfully disagree with the person who said one of the first-half chapters was the best and it only got worse from there. Some of the late chapters (esp. 79-84) were simply awesome, particularly once the girls' dry humor got fully developed. (ᵔ̴̶̤᷄ ꇴ ᵔ̴̶̤᷅)


epic-win images, quite spoilery


I have a bad feeling it's not, but I would love it it the last panel were true with regard to more published content.

last panel


The arcs with the foreign kids and the latter half of the photography one are kind of unnecessary/repetitive. Other than that it's a great manga

The start of the Halford arc was just painful. The gaijin-are-stupid jokes (starting with "Halford", a reference to the insulting "half" as a term for a mixed-race kid) got to the level of a racist uncle who casually refers to your black friend as "you people".

Ok, Imma finished! Great story! A must read! A 5-star manga throughout!


I always enjoy a mangaka's first effort that is allowed to develop with time. You can see the artwork and story get better with time.


The gags and asides by the secondary characters add another layer to the comedy that kept me giggling! :D

Just discovered this...based on the reviews, looks to be entertaining!


On a side note......the MC is a dead ringer for Marilyn Manson!


Ok, now Imma read 'dis!

This is truly a 5 star manga

This is a masterpiece totally

I regret not reading this sooner. It's been awhile since I've read such a completely satisfying manga.

this art style is so interestingly the opposite of kawaii

You mean Kowaii

this art style is so interestingly the opposite of kawaii

Sometimes Kuroda annoys me...


But then this..


The so called "Crawl Progression"!


We're all so lucky for having found this manga.

The characters and their interactions made this manga great. Like the artist wrote, he just thought up the characters. Then they ran wild, sort of.

Maybe I will reread this again. It would be a first time to do so.


I bet you will reread it some day. Maybe you did it allready because a lot of time went by after your comment.

Great manga. Few characters but nice story progression and occurrences. Kuroda could've found another girl he likes.

one of few manga that really makes me laugh for real


thanks yagi norihiro-san

It was a great read...


But damn, Kuroda is Annoying as hell.

I would marry Ikuno without doubt.
This was great. Awesome story. Estuvo de puta madre. Este manga es de los mejores que he leído. Quisiera una continuación para ver a Icuno hecharle las ganas.

The story is touching, funny to read and on a whole other level of fun, I mean even the artist and scanlators stories were cool XD

But yeah, even years after, I keep reading it and on the lookout for a continuation.

thx to whoever changed the cover image back to the volume one cover. It really shows what the manga is all about.

Sometimes Kuroda annoys me...


But then this..


Finished reading this. Many manly tears has been shed.


I can accept this as No.1 position. I wish it could go on longer though since I want to see more of the world.

Most of the manly tears were shed by Kuroda toward the end of the final holy war.

lol..this one is a one heck of a roller coaster ride....it's really2 fun even though the drawing is not much but the story and the character is nice....thanks for everyone taking part on this manga....

The arcs with the foreign kids and the latter half of the photography one are kind of unnecessary/repetitive. Other than that it's a great manga

Man this is so nostalgic. This is one of my most favorite series that I've read over and over again! This definitely deserves the high ranking.

Its still gooddam goooooood after all this years

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