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Alt Names: alt 안나라수마나라
Author: HA Il-kwon
Artist: HA Il-kwon
Genres: Drama DramaMystery MysteryPsychological PsychologicalRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeSeinen SeinenSlice of Life Slice of LifeSupernatural SupernaturalWebtoon Webtoon[no chapters] [no chapters]
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Ongoing
Description: ====Batoto Staff Notice====
This comic has been requested to be taken down by Naver. Do not upload, for any language.
This record has been left here to serve as a notice.
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One of those works that show how great the medium can be, that could be appreciated by anyone regardless of their interest in manga/hwa. 5/5

Unfortunately the official translation's unnecessary localization ruins the art in some of the most colorful/magical scenes, so avoid the official version.

I see AAAAAAALL this people complimenting eeeeeeverything of this manga while I can recall reading it and not even liking it much, two years ago or so. Now I want to read it again, but I know the official translation will be shit ): .


The original fan scanlations are still up, even though EGS pulled down their original version of it....... Mangafox for one still has only that version.


Mangapark does as well, though their longstrip reader isn't perfect, it is longstrip......



I see AAAAAAALL this people complimenting eeeeeeverything of this manga while I can recall reading it and not even liking it much, two years ago or so. Now I want to read it again, but I know the official translation will be shit ): .

I finished it. Loved it, but man was I surprised when I saw a credit for background music on the last chapter. Its a shame that hasn't been adapted as of yet on fan sites, but I think I found some of the music online so its cool.

At first i was wondering what is this manhwa about .. but after finished reading it ... it was very good read !


Really meaningfull reading, full with reality that happened in our society where social standing is everything and measured by money .. such a narrow minded way of thinking that only money can makes you happy .. but in this manhwa if we can change our view, we can still getting happiness in our lives .. even though it harsh .. yes life is not fair you know ... but still that what makes us human ...

I read this on batoto a long time ago and decided to read the official translations but i really hate how they changed things. I do not get the need to set it in the US and what really irks me is how they changed the toy robot into some blue lego man. It looked really out of place especially since it was bright blue and clashed with the darker colour scheme of the webtoon, destroying some of the mood. It really annoys me how companies feel the need to "localize" things for an english audience, making unnecessary changes instead of just translating it into english. 

No comments about the official translation yet? I wonder if many people haven't noticed this yet.


In the first chapter they actually edited the image, the very original webcomic to swap out a 10,000 won Korean bill for a 10 dollar American bill. I laughed quite a bit since it looks so weirdly out of place since now Hamilton's face is all over the chapter. It's truly hilarious - seriously even if you haven't read the webcomic just check out the first chapter in comparison to the original. It's especially funny considering that the bill has an important role in the chapter and there's a part where it covers an entire "page" - in the original it looks normal, but in the Naver version the 10 dollar bill was clearly enlarged using something like photoshop so it looks somewhat blurry ahahah.


Apparently Naver set out to create the illusion that Annarasumanara is a story in the USA. Not weird at all. I'm just surprised they haven't changed the main girl's name to Cindy or something.

I do believe in magic.


amazing like wow. never read something so good.

Do you Believe in Magic?






just... wow.

You see those moments you weren't expecting? You know those fantastic and completely spontaneous moments, like getting a life lesson from a korean webtoon? Yeah this is one of those moments.


Read it.

Brilliant. Loved it to the point where I started clapping and crying at the end of it. Before you read it, the only question to really ask is, "Do you believe in magic?".

...This...was unbelievable. This manga moved me like no other piece of literature (no exageration) had in the last few years. Wow. Just wow.

tower of god can't even compare to this in my opinion (no offense to anyone)

the art is so pretty =A=

The autor is a genius!! Do you believe in magic ? =)

Amazing story, the ending was a little too open for my taste but really had a childhood feeling to it.

First time I've ever read a manga/manhwa like this. It really is magical, if you haven't read it, go read it. Seriously.

I made an account just so I could post this comment:


You must not miss out on the manwha. It is absolutely amazing. I read all 27 chapters in one go a while back and I kept recommending it to friends around me. Today I came back and read all the comments people had to say about it, then I reread the last two chapters and tears just kept flowing from my eyes. It is so beautiful and it has a very inspiring message to tell you. So what are you waiting for?! Start reading already!

Can I just ask one question!?!?!? WTF was up with that dudes head? LOL

i think this is a pretty late reply but this story had a lot of symbolism in it. If you finished the story you would see how that guy came from such a wealthy family. Even his parents had the same type of head. It basically symbolized how high class people have big heads and see themselves as above other people. You see later he view changes and so does his head shape :)

I **LIKE***

Hah, also God Of Bath  

I seriously love this webtoon :) Too bad I can't recommend this on MAL. Hmph.

Annarasumanara introduced me to the world of Korean Webtoons and quickly made it's way to my top favorites. It offers an excelent story and cast of characters with a surreal and sometimes mixed-media art style that is not only very pleasing to the eye, but contributes marvelously to the way the story is told.


Thank you Ha Il-Kwon for your beautiful work an Easy Going Scans for your translations!

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