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Aquarion EVOL

Alt Names: alt Akuerion Evorualt 创圣的大天使EVOLalt アクエリオンEVOLalt 創聖機械天使EVOL
Author: Kawamori Shoji & Satelight
Artist: Uchiyama Yasujirou
Genres: Action ActionDrama DramaMecha MechaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeSci-fi Sci-fiShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: The "Abductors", invaders from Altair, come to the planet of Vega with only one purpose: to harvest humans. Neo-DEAVA, a military academy based near the city of Neo-Kowloon, exists to train men and women to use technologically-advanced fighter planes known as "Vectors" in order to fight back against the Abductors, but members of opposite genders are forbidden from merging because of certain "Guize stones" that block such so-called "unholy unions". The story follows Amata's and Mikono's enrollment into Neo-DEAVA, their fight against the Abductors, and the discovery of their link with their counterparts from 12,000 years ago.

Based on the anime that aired from January to June 2012.
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Aquarion Evol: The manga of mass random orgasms.


the only mecha material with orgasm gattai ... =3= ...

I wonder if there's other ...

WOW the pacing is so fucked! WTH happened?
Aquarion Evol: The manga of mass random orgasms.
Haha oh wow can't wait for
Cool looking mechs but they still use the cliche of only teenagers being pilots giant robots in the military still?!?!
LOL, Fudou on the last panel here seems like he's is laughing creepily XD
i hope this one has an different ending ;_:
I *still* don't get how she gets away with calling that thing a cat.
time to read this ...
I hope !>viscoun
Wrong cover, that was Light novel's.
Here are manga
I think so far the manga is doing pretty good at following the anime. Still, anime has full color and voice. I like the anime better. But if you want a full understanding of Aquarion Evol, you have to watch Aquarion Genesis. I like Aquarion Evol more because it's newer. lol, but both are good.
@viscoun. Good luck.
Posted Image

challenge accepted ^_^
Nice. Looks really interesting.

Wasnt there an anime or something of this? Maybe it was a LN. I vaguely remember seeing this name before though.
@NoOneSaid How's the anime? Which is better anime or manga?
I think I'm fine with the anime.....
Well, doesn't hurt to read it.
From what I observed. Manga that comes from anime take forever to update... so if I like this, it's going to be forever before it finishes...
Well, enjoy the read for those of you who haven't seen the anime. Hahah.
Full of promise.
looks awesome thanks
Nice, can't wait for more. This reminds me of something can't remember though :D

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