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B-Gata Kareshi no Aishikata

Alt Names: alt B Gata Kareshi no Aishikataalt B Kata Kareshi no Aishikataalt B型彼氏の愛し方alt B型男友的戀愛法則
Author: SAZANAMI Raika
Artist: SAZANAMI Raika
Genres: Romance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSmut Smut
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: This book contains a complete analysis of Type A, Type B, Type O, Type AB boys in particular!!

1. How to love a B blood type boyfriend:
It is said that blood type A and B are the worst combinations among all... What will happen to Kanade, a blood type A, and her blood type B boyfriend…!?

2. How to catch an A blood type guy
Miku, blood type O, confesses to her love, blood type A, and was rejected. Being a blood type O, she won't give up that easily, together she and her friends start devising plans to catch her love. Will their plans work?

3. The true character of an O blood type guy
Aki is a volleyball player in the springtime of her life who is uninterested in love. What will happen when she is confessed to a junior? What is he truly after?

4. Countermeasure your inclination to an AB blood type guy
Rio dislikes blood type AB guys after her unpleasant experiences with type AB boyfriends. And her fellow co-worker just happens to be a type AB. What will happen between the both of them?

5. The best boyfriend
After confessing to Murakami, a cool and intellectual student council president, Noa and Murakami started going out. However Noa starts to doubt if Murakami truly loves her or is he just too kind to reject her?

6. Your body temperature when you fall in love
No one can ever guess the relationship between Koga, a popular guy in school, and Ako, a lonewolf!
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Well, I have read this. No comments about anyone's beliefs and superstition. Not one of my favorites, though. Love developments very, very generalized.
Ok, mi piacciono tutte (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
Why did I read this again? Ah, yes, because I thought it'd be kind of amusing in a morbid, decadent way to read shoujo manga using as its main trose the blood type superstition, you know, the same blood type superstition that stems from racial supremacist ideology.
Yes, that's the one.
And no, that's not a loop. Condensed further: Blood type superstition is the dumbest, and that means really really dumb because the other ones are this dumb.
See, if the other superstitions were clever and believable, then saying this was the dumbest would mean much less.

Your point about the general nature of such is right enough IMO. Western astrology strikes me as covering its butt better, because they have all this stuff about the different signs sort of shading into each other. So if despite all vagueness you really obviously don't fit the one you belong to they can say oh, but there's this influence or that influence so it's OK if you're like some other thing.
@Kamil He's probably referring to Hiiro Ouji
@PurpleLibraryGuy Your train of thought seems to be going in loops. First you mention how blood type superstition is the most idiotic, and then go back to comment on astrology for the competition. I'm pretty sure the whole point of this superstitious stuff is to be as general as possible, anyway. If you're general enough, everyone can find some way to match what their horoscope says, and people naturally tend to see form where none exists, which makes them happy.
@Purple Library Guy do you happen to remember what that was called? It does indeed sound interesting.
Hate to say it, but of all the dim personality-type superstitions (astrology, chinese year thing, etc) I find blood types the most idiotic. And the competition is stiff (Everyone born in a whole year is supposed to be the same kind of person? Really, WTF?).
So, we have a romance about that. Yay. Um, it wasn't as bad as the concept suggested. But the only time I've really enjoyed the blood type thing was this one with a vampire whose personality switches depending what type he drinks--that was hilarious.
wow this is really offensive
@chapter 4
ohhh yaaa get sum gurl!
Oh hey, a thing about blood types. I wonder what they're going to do for mine...

"How to not like AB guys"

... of course.
@bakaman123 I thought so too, man.
i thought this was a new B gata H kei haha

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