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Change Boy

Alt Names: alt チェンジボーイ
Author: Azuma Takeshi
Artist: Azuma Takeshi
Genres: Comedy ComedyOneshot OneshotRomance RomanceShounen ShounenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Yotsuba Mitsuru, the day before his 17th birthday, is dumped for the 30th time. Remembering a promise with his best friend, who shared his birthdate, made 10 years before, he goes to the park to meet him, when a flash of light knocks him out just as he thinks he sees his friend. He awakens in the hospital and discovers he's been given a second chance at life... with a few strings attached.
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i stop on pg27 -_- i would prefer that he chose his friend to live over himself

It is refreshing to se someone not do that though...

Why does dis manga only a one-shot?

ok, the angel is totally  a turn-off....  but other then dat .... everything is  awesome.... dun frgt the artwork is above verage of normal manga.....


on 2nd though,

it will be more dramatic if it is the other way around......

It is Kouta who is saved nd become Yotsuba...... and has to somehow fulfill yotsuba's long time dream as well as cont being an idol with yotsuba's body..... or would he give up?

I don't see what everyone's whining about. especially the people who quit half-way -_- he's stuck in the situation, the angel looks like it's gonna kill him if he whines anymore(there goes his friend's body and his life as well as his body and his friend's life -_-) and besides. he is trying to stick up for his friend's beliefs a bit near the end and seems more like he's been overwhelmed than like he's taking his friend's hard work for granted. well, that's just my opinion though, but I think that most of the complaints are from people who don't pay attention to anything that happens between the lines. go read bleach or naruto instead, or some action filled shonen jump manga. you don't have to think with those and it's filled with the hero types. I actually enjoy them myself sometimes. anyways, you'll probably like them better.

i stop on pg27 -_- i would prefer that he chose his friend to live over himself

It's a bit hard to see this just go to waste as a one-shot. A body swapping story between friends that haven't seen each other in ages and taking over a life is really hard to show in a 54 pages.
Definitely needs to be expanded. Everyone seems to be getting the wrong idea with the plot ending where it ended.
Posted Image
This guy is a really bad friend...yet another manga with an irritating MC :(
Well, that escalated quickly.

Anyone catch the author's note on page 14 about the "winning" and "losing classes"? I feel like this story completely counteracts the point he's trying to make. The main character didn't really change his lot in life through any willpower or hard work; he just, essentially, took his childhood friend's life...and ran with it. Then again, I quit reading at around page 20. I don't mind the body-swapping that went on. What turned me away was the fact that the main character isn't living his own life, but is instead, putting on a facade. What kind of development can there be if he's not living his own life? His friend's body gets the girl and everything's gravy?
I didn't see much "fan-service" (or maybe I have been accustomed to it?), but certainly, the author kinda overlooked some important facets of this situation...
Well, after all, it's a one-shot. And even in regular manga/anime/games, some of the family members are totally left out without any explanation.
...not even bothered so much by the whole 'body-swap' thing as I am by the fact that he and his friend never really met up, he just winds up stealing his buddy's accomplishments and going on with life. And hey, its no biggie that he just left his whole family behind with no explanation about his death, or even a note. That's normal.
this is good.
Kinda conflicted about the ending. I mean, he pretty much killed off his childhood friend and stole his body and life with barely anysign of remorse. It was pretty good for a oneshot but this isn't that great compared to Azuma's other works.
hope it stays a one shot. didnt like it =x
E.G.O.I.S.T-ing ╥﹏╥
Sep 28 2012 02:29 AM
sucks like a b*tch. We have enough of this sh*t.

(I'm sorry but that's what I really want to say, I'm sick of too many dumb changing body, plus too much dumb fanservice from dumb otaku from Jap.) Can't they be more creative, can't they stop making fanservice sh*t?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm out. Won't be back.

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