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China Girl

Alt Names: alt チャイナガールalt Chinagirl
Author: HANAGATA Rei
Artist: AOYAMA Kei
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSeinen SeinenSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Kamijou is the envy of all of his coworkers. At the office, he can solve any problem. Outside, he is chased by every girl under the sun. Kamijou, however, only has eyes for one girl: Xianglan, a Chinese immigrant who works as a waitress in the local Chinese restaurant. She can't see him as anything other than a customer, and her lack of fluency in Japanese prevents her from understanding him. Will Kamijou manage to woo Xianglan, or is he forever fated to fail?
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How to end a romance. In the middle of car filled street with ambigious future. 10/10

I kinda liked this simple, not demanding story. Good for evening chill out.

Such a lovly story..defenetly a 10/10
..at least some of Aoyama-sensei's feelings and thoughts won't be forgotten. Thank you for this great manga and for the joy you brought to the readers. May you rest in peace.


Well, as others mentioned, Aoyama died, no way he could have finished them...
hahahaha i was hoping this had an actual ending cuz of the manga got cancel or something but same as the other, didn't finished.
Er...that it??
This was by another author, but try to read Aoyama Kei's own work, it's all kinds of fucked up.
Ultimate friendzone. I think I could feel his pain for a while there.
Such a great manga.

R.I.P Aoyama Kei
This title name, just throw it out there.
R.I.P. Aoyama Kei
“Well, there’s a lot left undone and many dreams left unfulfilled, but I don’t really have any regrets. I’m quite satisfied with the 32 years I lived.” - Kei Aoyama
I still find his dying message intruging :'(
Well, he's dead, but at least the final chapter was kind of an ending :( I too liked this. Sigh.
It was a so-so ending. I guess it wasn't that bad.
I liked the story. There are times that it actually made me cry.
Aww snap. Did not realize that somebody finished scanlating this.

And R.I.P. to the artist
no the author is not dead, it's just the artist
nevertheless hope this series continues
r.i.p Aoyama Kei
Noooo~ According to this news, the author Hanagata Rei was found dead. It is believed to be suicide.

And I just discovered this manga :(

damnit... he could have waited until the mangas finished? :X
oh the artist is dead...not the author
is the author dead!?
It's only 1 volume. RIP to the author.
This manga is good and funny !!! hope to see more

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