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Chouritsu Houmuru Zyklus;CODE

Alt Names: alt Chouritsu Houmuru Zyklus; Codealt 調律葬交Zyklus;CODEalt Zyklus;Code
Author: Ninomiya Ai
Artist: Katagiri Ikumi
Genres: Comedy ComedyFantasy FantasyJosei JoseiPsychological PsychologicalRomance Romance
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Musical instruments have minds and bodies, feelings and thoughts. When tossed aside and abandoned, they can become corrupted, even murderous. Petrauchka is an instrument unlike the others; she can't make music at all. After she's found by the mysterious Rentarou in a trash heap, they must team up to calm a despairing lute and perhaps reveal the secret to Petrauchka's lack of musical ability. Can Rentarou somehow unlock her latent talents?
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Vol.3 Ch.14: Hope
Twisted Hel Scans Usha 3 weeks ago

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what is going on.


grimdark manga life


TBH, I have no idea where the plot went in the last few vol...

what is going on.

The art is wonderful... the story... needs a GPS because I sure has hell have no idea what is going on... I'll follow it still but, I don't think I'll be led anywhere at this rate xP.

so great

Thanks for the update

Man, and I just reread this last week, thinking that it'd never update!

My god, the gorgeous art is BAAAACK!






Thanks for update.


I have no idea what's going on despite re-reading this series a few times. Oh well. 

Thanks TH!

the story is interesting... but really hard to follow. Most of the time, you'll have to infer or guess. I think they're gonna try to inject the information little by little w/ chapters. The lack of stable updates tho :< still, atleast we have something!

I was beginning to think an update would never come! Thanks for the update! \(T w T)/

sweet update thanks Fallen Syndicate!!

Ermeger another update! Thanks so much!!

So much thing happened without an explanation this chapter! WTB answers.

i likey

and yet.... we don't know what it's about

This is as confusing as a stick on a whip on a pen.

I cant get over this wonderful drawing style @@

Thanks for the update FS!~

cute, creepy, weird pacing, but enjoyable.

Awesome thanks for the update!

Omg that new chapter was hilarious xD

Thanks a ton for the update!! I never thought i'd see one! especially on xmas xD

What's with the sudden PSG-like style lol

uhhh.... what?

then either -learn japanese and read it,

i wish learning japanese was that easy....

on another note, sorta confused on why the organ is an unplayable instrument though... 

then either -learn japanese and read it,

                  -join a scanlation group just for this project

                  -or get a scanlation group to do this without doing anything.

thank you, but I'm already in a group... and the fact that I cant wait doesnt mean anything except that I'm excited about this series... but then again, thanks a lot

sorry if I misunderstood, but you sounded quite rude :)

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