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Company of Heroes

Alt Names: alt Company of Legendalt Hero Co LTDalt Hero Co., Ltd.
Author: Ha Ilkwan
Artist: Kim Jinseok
Genres: Action ActionComedy ComedySci-fi Sci-fiSeinen SeinenSupernatural SupernaturalTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Complete
Description: Long ago, when danger approached the Earth there existed people exhibiting superhuman powers to save the Earth. Helping the weak and defeating evil for justice not hesitating to sacrifice such beings...

People distinguished them by calling them Heroes. However... the era somehow changed...
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This manga ended like this guy:


I really don't understand why this series was canned. The plot was fast paced, the story was interesting & unique and it had a good feel to it.

This is fucking BS... Damn the whole system.

God damn axing. At least legend of Tyr gave an ending....a rushed ending but the creator probably saw it coming.

Damn it korea! Stop axing this stuff! I mean south Korea....North Korea you are just unlucky to have a crazy leader.
Ha I stopped reading this at chapter 7.
this looks interesting, but after reading the comments it doesnt seem like a good idea anymore.
i hope this doesnt happen to GOH, TOG, and noblesse , id be so pissed.
Noooooo! I need more!

not gonna happen. i've seen manhwa 10x better than this end in the middle of battles and even after 5-10 years are still dead.

koreans are the masters of axing. even jump are amatures compared to korean publishers. when koreans axe a series they just stop. they don't even give you a chance to end it. they just cut it off where ever it is. i have seen at least 2 manwha's end mid-battle leaving you with a WTF look stuck on your face.

sadest part is the this only apply's to the action/adventure genra's. the ones that don't seem to get axed are romance/drama types. for some reason koreans are obsessed with drama's.
I was pretty damn sure, that I've unsubscribed from this one, but whatever. I can't really say it was axed, as it would imply that something bad happened. «Purged from existence» suits it better.

I mean MC is so disgustingly retarded, that it shouldn't come as a big surprise.
For me this manwa have really good potential... actually HAD. I hope sometime in the near future to get revived.
My second manwha ... and the ending was almost the same shit.
I think, I won't go for any other anymore, it's just a waste of time.
Only shitty webtoons won't get axed. :)
Lame.... Yet another series down for the count, not even ending on a good note. Kind of feels like a waste of time since practically everything was building up to that moment. Not to mention that the MC acts like a child, rather than a 20 year old.
@ku4eto, and just when the MC started to be a man. We got trolled and the series got axed.
@ku4eto, and just when the MC started to be a man. We got trolled and the series got axed.
Dun dun dunnnnnn .... SERIES AXED! And i mean it... god damn it.
i don't feel this manwha deserves a spoiler tag on this for the sake of people who think they would like to pick this up.

last chapter of the series, was like: "all the pieces have come together, hero said usual cliche final battle line, epic battle coming up, nope not a chance in hell, this is the end suckers, you are left with a cliffhanger korean style."
I've said it before - water is diamagnetic, he should just fire a magnetic pulse at their heart to crush it.
If the MC wasn't stupid, he would be so fuc*ing overpowered. I mean...
Magnetism + some wire = electricity
Magnetism + something to use as a projectile = Coil gun / Rail gun
Magnetism + some scrap (from a vehicle or whatever) = Become a friggin transformer (seen in captain Eustass Kid from One Piece)
Magnetism + a gun = remote-controled bullets

And those are only the most basic and superficial uses that come to mind.
For a 20 year old he sure acts like a 12 year old.
@Heyyou2 Company of Heroes only has 4 volumes, each volume starting with the first had 6 chapters so I imagined that it would either end on 24 or 25, but looking like this it might reach 26 or 27.
Okay... after the last chapter, and looking back a bit...
There are good things in this manhwa. The last scene in ch24 offered a nice contrast, although it kinda foreshadows some classical struggle.

But there are some things... describing them accurately would be a hassle, but let's say, in the last chapter, that the way the mc believes everything he's told by some shady guy, and the way everyone just suddenly bully him... (btw I'd have loved to see him go nuts), it's just too much.

Little flaws like these are kinda numerous in this series, and it's adding up

A shame, really, because even though it's not really original, it's got a few good points.
The MC turned out to be a joke and I can't stand how easily the characters are controlled. unfollow
@Mr Mister

Railguns use magnetism too. The magnetic field is induced from the current flowing through the rails.
Magnetism and electricity are closely related, it wouldn't be surprising for a super hero to wield both.
Words can not describe my disgust at our pathetic main character. I think I'm done with this manhwa. All I can do is wait for Onepunch-Man now. If it did get axed I'm not surprised. The characters in this manhwa are generic and colorless.
Where did you get the information that this manhwa ends that soon?

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