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Daisuki Datta yo, Sensei...

Alt Names: alt Daisuki Dattayo, Sensei...alt 我真的好喜欢你 老师
Author: Shiraishi Yuki
Artist: Shiraishi Yuki
Genres: Romance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: She was in love with her teacher but she broke up their thread of destiny...
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Hm, I remember reading this a while back, and didn't quite like the main story but decided to re-read it.

I usually forget about most shoujo manga that I read. Most of the time they're filler/fodder and isn't memorable.

This story has a unique setting at the bus stop, so I remembered bits and pieces.

I think what Shiraishi Yuki has improved on, based on reading her older works, is definitely her artwork and ATMOSPHERE.

She can really control/manipulate the atmosphere well in the manga. Partly because her artwork is so good.

A lot of reviewers claimed this manga is overdramatic, and I can kind of see what they mean.

But I feel she does it right in this manga though. The emotions are quite vivid, helped by the mood/atmosphere she created.

It's when you are doing something cheesy but you do it all the way, not half hearted, so I didn't feel it was badly done. She did the dramatic stuff well, at least she did it seriously.

Some of her other mangas aren't as well executed, tbh.

I do agree with some reviewers that a lot of stuff here are highly unrealistic, especially the sensei. It was "love at first sight" for him, and he was waiting for the girl at the bus stop.

It only seems less offensive because they're both attractive manga characters but cmon, it doesn't happen in real life. Also that'd be creepy and dangerous.

Yeah, this is a shoujo manga, so a lot of stuff we let pass on exaggeration, but there's a limit too.

The main issue I had with the main story was the heavy atmosphere felt too Pretentious and contrived.

I didn't feel any "love" between them although Shiraishi did add a panel that said 'they interacted daily at the bus stop for a few hours.' I just wished she would have shown a few panels of those natural interactions more.

I know a lot of things were sped up because it's only 2 chapters

I didn't like how they "decided to break up" during my first read, but this time around I thought it was fitting.

They certainly weren't at a point where they couldn't live without each other, and liking someone is different than 'loving' them.

The end was sweet. As the cliche goes, if it's true love, you won't forget about that person so easily.

Overall, definitely not the worst manga out there. If more realism was put in, I think Shiraishi Yuki has potential to be one of the better mangakas out there.

She has good character designs.

The omake was better, since it was more realistic and there was an easy use of "liking her" before the start of the oneshot. So it was easier to accept the romance because one side had already liked the other before the story started.

It wasn't like the main story where they met for the first time, and fell in love right away.

That's why it's always easier for mangakas to start a story with one side in an unrequited love or using "childhood friends" to push the romance a few steps ahead.
È bellissimo, i disegni poi sono splendidi!

Romanticissimo Grazieeeeee!!!

That last oneshot was funny. Stalkers stalking stalkers.
End is very cute :3 ı liked it

OMG! Ame la camisa mojada de Sakura-sempai de la historia 2.5 :F

I like the chapter 2.5. I love this mangaka!

It is nice story, not the typical shoujo-romance manga about teacher and student. You can feel the emotion. It is beautiful :')

I usually avoid teacher-student relationship stories, because they are pretty much the same,  unrealistic, immature and annoying... but I was glad I to try this one. It's deep, beautiful and the emotions are well portrayed. The characters are amazing. A must read.

That was really beautiful :>

I loved it, especially Izumi-kun *-*.

i didnt notice the tear running down my face after i finished it...
good storry :,] good story:,]
One of the best shoujo mangas I've read.
I usually don't like Teacher and Student relationships, but this ended up nicely =D
I'm glad I finally read it!
I just love love LOVE Shiraishi Yuki! Aside from that, the ending was different from the usual Teacher-student relationship, so that kinda gave me a shock (in a good way).
aww I thought it would be a lot longer but It was a good ending
This was a really cute manga with a nice ending. I'm such a sucker for angsty love stories with beautifully drawn heroines. Hopefully, this mangaka has some works scanlated.
nice ending, no annoying shoujo stuff in this one.
What an awesome beginning! I can't wait to read more of this!
I hope that there is more! The twist at the end was really good!
nice, i liked it!!! poor Ito, one after another... -.-
It's really good!!
*following* Sorry for the typo DX Anyway, I just checked the scanlators site and it's only 2 chapters, so I guess I'll be 'following' this after all. X)
Oh man O.o Poor her... I mistook it for a oneshot, so for now I'll stop reading, can't stand folling series, the suspense kills me :s Definitely reading this when it's finished though :3

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