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Alt Names: alt ジー・ディフェンドalt G. DEFENDalt G・DEFEND
Author: Morimoto Shuu
Artist: Morimoto Shuu
Genres: Action ActionDrama DramaSci-fi Sci-fiShounen Ai Shounen Ai
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Year 2022 A.D. At a time when anyone can travel around the world, there are more crimes occuring than ever. To protect the country from these political terrorist attacks, a new Security System Garrison was created 8 years ago. However, in order to destroy this organization, terrorists have started aiming at the leaders of the Garrison, the Instructors. Seven Instructors have already died in the line of duty, and to avoid another death, the 8th Instructor, Ishikawa Haruka, was given an assistant who would also act as his bodyguard. Iwase Motohisa, previously the Prime Minister's SP, falls in love at first sight with Ishikawa during a chance meeting, and then asks to be assigned as Ishikawa's assistant.
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Chapters 79-81 consist of a G-Defend x Jinjuu Houretsuden crossover story, it's an independent story arc so it can be read without knowing what happened in the previous chapters.

Thank you for uploading a new chapter!

Since I read the first volume of this manga I'm in love with it. I don't like the way the story is developing in the last chapters ( more couples, even more cruel enemies, too much old ideas reused..).

However, I still enjoy the way how the relationships get expressed and the atmosphere gets transfaired in a very simple and still subtle way.

No one is reading this, go translate a better while your at it

I disagree with your first statement, a non-zero segment of us are reading this.  I don't understand your second statement - if you are criticizing their translation, perhaps you should look to your own English, first.

No one is reading this, go translate a better while your at it

Yada!! Bamboo Feathers is picking up this series after it had been abandon for an year  ^O^~  So Enjoy~~


NOTE:  Though the volume # is 4,  the chapter is correct. As kalender explained on their website that:

 The previous scanlations all came from the original printing (tankoban), but since we're scanlating from the condensed reprint (bunkoban), the volume numbers are different. The chapter's right, though

I don't think anyone will notice but vol01 chp 01 page 44 (the 4th panel ) it is should to be leaning not eaning .So it should say:

"I'm scared.... because the thought of leaning on your arms makes me want to lose myself."
this is an old serie but the first chapter I made it new so that everyone knows about the serie.Please enjoy~

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