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Gakuen Heaven Revolution

Alt Names: alt 学園ヘヴン レボリューションalt Gakuen Heaven: Revolution
Author: Spray
Artist: HIGURI You
Genres: Drama DramaHarem HaremMystery MysterySchool Life School LifeShounen Ai Shounen Ai
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Itou Keita is a boy with no remarkable talents beyond his better-than-average luck, until one day he receives an acceptance letter out of the blue inviting him to attend the prestigious all-boys academy, Bell Liberty School (BL School). Why has he been admitted to this amazing academy, and how can he possibly live up to the expectations of whoever let him in? As he settles in to his new life, Keita is sure to find companionship in his rather eclectic cast of schoolmates.
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Türkçe çeviri olsa süper olur, kıt ingilizceyle okumak cidden berbat. Güzel bir manga gerçekten, hadi bir el atın eheheh. ^0^

And it ended just like that.



haha! it was cute and fluffy though :D


I enjoyed it overall, intrigue, mystery and misdirection, it held my  interest from start to fininsh

And it ended just like that.



I've read about all girl schools but first time all boys; I don't like the harem tag, so hope this meets my expectation.

Thanks September Scans and AnpanMayo!!

Awesome, thanks for the new chapter September Scans and AnpanMayo!!


Wow, trouble sure does have a way of following that guy XD

Thanks for the new chapters September Scans and futtock!!
BL=Bell Liberty school.
Just a heads up, according to September, since volume 3 isn't released yet they're gonna wait for it to come out.
Great new chapter, thanks September Scanlations!
BL school? i was thinking Boy Love school for a good while o_o
Hmm BL school....?
Intrigue at the exclusive boys school, good so far, thanks September Scans!

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