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Haru no Houtai Shoujo

Alt Names: alt Haru et la fille aux bandagesalt Haru'nun Bandajlı Sevgilisialt Haru's Bandaged Girlalt 春の包帯少女
Author: Mito Sato
Artist: Mito Sato
Genres: Drama DramaMystery MysteryPsychological PsychologicalRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenSupernatural SupernaturalTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Haru, a fun, lovable, easygoing guy, has a problem: he can't control his ability to produce flames from his hand. With his girlfriend Natsu nearly burnt to death and the locals concerned about a serial arsonist, what will happen to this human torch?
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Vol.3 Ch.11: Voix
Koujou no Scantrad Midine A day ago

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It was enjoyable, but some things bothered me.
So Natsu can heal right? But when she showed Haru her eye it wasnt healed?
But she can still heal stab wounds? I dont get it.
And honestly, was having powers in this story really necessary?
All of this could have been done without powers and still turn out the same.
With like reaaaally minor differences.

Heal not repair(?) or only heal below the neck?

While I do agree it was a great manga, I think the short amount of chapters killed it :( Was it axed? It's just that with more chapters the characters would've definitely grown on me and I'd hve started to care about them :/

What a nice story.

I shipped so hard... With all my soul... But he ended up with the blondie.... NUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

It was enjoyable, but some things bothered me.

So Natsu can heal right? But when she showed Haru her eye it wasnt healed?

But she can still heal stab wounds? I dont get it.


And honestly, was having powers in this story really necessary?

All of this could have been done without powers and still turn out the same.

With like reaaaally minor differences. 

and in the future the scientists found out about the so called powers and it turned into "Charlotte"

The things that "Aoitenshi1" noted can be explained with the power of inductive reasoning and the last few chapters (and I'm not ousting him/her! Just pointing things out)

1. The guy who explained the powers is clearly the one giving the powers. It makes sense for him to be able to explain the powers that he is giving. He probably has a tragic backstory too, but that's besides the point. That guy could also be used to set up sequels.

2. Their powers are clearly based on their emotions. The more agitated/distressed Haru became, the more out-of-control his flames became. Natsu's power is the opposite. While Haru's power is an "active" type, meaning it's off most of the time and on when he's emotionally compromised, Natsu's is a "passive." Her power is always on, but when she is emotionally distressed it shuts off. Thus she doesn't heal the wounds caused by her true-love but is able to heal the wounds inflicted by a deranged homosexual with a tragic backstory.

Note: This is all conjecture, albeit pretty thoroughly thought out.

Ah... There are several loose ends which make me can't accept the ending...


Like... who is this guy? He was a side character that only appear in a chapter?! He's the only one who can explain about the powers, for goodness' sake!!



Also, I'm also worrying about Natsu's power, what if she suddenly dies with wounds all over her body when she loses control of her power? I can't help but worry about her.


The page with the hands towards the end made me squee. The touch of uncertainty was so sweet.


It does feel as if he had to cut the series short but if so it was a much more graceful ending than many manage.

sweet romantic ending <3

Thanks Psylocke Scans for your work in this manga, I really liked it and I also liked how it ended. I was so distracted worrying about how it would end that it was just only after reading the last chapter and the comments that I remembered that it was never showed who gave them those powers. 


Besides the unexplained origin of their powers the only thing that I can criticize a little bit was that the author spent a long time showing Aki as an antagonist or at least as a threat or an obstacle while the real enemy was given little time in comparison. Little development or not in the end the culprit really got what he deserved, Haru acted in the best way possible, giving him the appropriate punishment, that was enough for him; this last chapter and what we could see of his past made me feel just a little bit sorry for him, not very much but a little bit as his actions were quite abhorrent but he is a good reminder that most monsters are not born that way but are created through systematic abuse.


Leaving depressing stuff aside, the relation between Haru and Natsu is so sweet that made way easier to read the harsh events of the story and made this manga a worthy read. Thanks again and great work, this story was very good and the main characters really deserve every ounce of happiness in that last scene after going through such awful situation.

Hey, it could've turned out differently.


Like, you know, Yozakura going out with Yukimachi.

I also enjoyed the ending, it's worth reading just for the end. One thing disturbs me though:

Indeed, the total absence of explanation for their powers in the first place is a big strike against this manga. Not that I didn't enjoy it, but I enjoyed it less because of that gaping hole in the story.

Everyone is so happy because the ending was so perfect and lovely and I am here, trying to find the words to criticize this. I REALLY wanted someone of them to be killed, and I'm not talking about their parents. Whether Natsu or Aki, maybe even Haru, should have been killed. I like happy endings, yes, but it ALWAYS depends on the story, and this story, my friends, deserved at least one dead...
They didn't even explain how people get to have powers just by wishing them, and they never explained who the fuck wrote 'You're the arsonist' in Haru's desk (we just have to assume it was his old buddy, but WHY did he do it? Haru still hadn't forgotten about him and nothing that comes to my mind makes sense to WHY he wrote it). I was really excited with this manga because I couldn't figure out who the arsonist was until he revealed himself (I thought of Haru, then I suspected of Aki, then Natsu, then Haru again, and it turned out it wasn't any of them. Impressive, just like in Scream), the background stories were goddamn awesome and really well-thought, and I think the manga was long enough (not rushed at all). I'm kinda dissapointed here with a we-are-so-happy ending.

That was a pretty cute ending.

Yes, yes I do.


Good drama is dragged out by nature. Resolving the "culprit"/mystery/misunderstanding/awkwardness doesn't magically solve things. Relationships take time to rebuild. Previously (bad/misunderstood) relationships take time to be resolved. Simply saying "and a great weight was lifted from their hearts...<3" is cheap and immature. 


You don't understand human nature OR how a story works


Nobody said that they'd be 100% cured after the incident. They're getting over it. But they're not going to spend every moment of their waking lives obsessing over it. Would an after story be nice? Maybe, but not the focus of this series. But the kind of drama you're looking for requires people to not be able to leave their mental problems behind and brood over it like a fucking retard, which many people don't have the time or patience or mental weakness for. Get over yourself.

This was sweet. A short and good manga, with an end that is actually satisfying.

Liked the ending. Also the way the final chapter was handled was sweet.

It's a very short manga, but by no means it's rushed. Very satisfying story and a satisfying ending.


Thanks to the author and those who worked on the translation.

that ending...I almost cried T_T  I luv happy ending

So does she have to live with that bandage over her eye for the rest of her life?  Seriously what the heck.

The author did a great job ending it imo. While there a few loose ends, he completely the main storyline perfectly, with little to no semblance of a rushed work. For an axed work, it sure felt pretty complete. Great job on the author's part.



Woah... Aki looks like a different person here.

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