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Haru no Noroi

Alt Names: alt Baharın Lanetialt Curse of Springalt Haru'nun Lanetialt Haru's Cursealt 春の呪いalt 春的诅咒
Author: KONISHI Asuka
Artist: KONISHI Asuka
Genres: Drama DramaJosei JoseiPsychological PsychologicalRomance RomanceSlice of Life Slice of LifeTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Natsumi just lost her younger sister, Haru, to chemotherapy. As her sister's coffin finally closes for the last time she whispers "wait for me until I join you", but Haru's fiance, Tougo has other plans which might mend both their hearts.

Note: Ranked #2 Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2017 (Female readers)
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This is one of the good once in my opinion. But im still waiting for updates, please and thank you

Holy shiieeet this manga is making me sweat lmao

just finished it. Damn man. Is really good. I love this mangá. 

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this is so good... despite being drama most of the time, it still retains some part of delight to keep it not that much heavy, and greatly enchancing romance flavour.

Chapter 5 reminded me of a french video on youtube about numerical mourning ,"le deuil numérique" by Dirty biology. It has english subtitles and it makes you think a lot, I recommend it.

Wow this is intense.

Hot damn, reading this is so stressful.

i am literally crying because oh my good this manga is so good iam so happy that is being translated

well this doesn't seem like the beginnings of a healthy relationship but... 

me: *is crying*

them: *is crying*

us: *bawling*

Well here's one person I wouldn't talk out of jumping.


Now, now; what he said was pretty silly but that's going a bit far.

Wow, this is an amazingly good series.


The feeling of discomfort and guilt is really tangible. I really enjoy how the feelings of the characters are explored, and how they decide to embrace their selfishness. The art is simple, but it expresses a lot of emotion.


It's a shame that it is only 8 chapters, but I'm sure it wouldn't have been better any other way. Well deserving of the award it won.


Let's hope the ending wraps up things nicely. Thank you Phoenix Serenade scans.

remember genre tag "tragedy". This aint gonna end happily.

Not necessarily. The tragedy genre tag doesn't mean the same thing here as it does in classical drama. It generally means a story with tragic elements (death of a loved one, etc) and not a story with a tragic ending. I've seen several stories with "happy" endings for the main characters here that were tagged tragedy due to other parts of the story.

remember genre tag "tragedy". This aint gonna end happily.

Now they just need to date, marry and make babies.

Permanent solution for a temporary problem. Sure, despair is real, and it's absolute when it hits, but unless it's caused by something people receive pallitative care for, it will pass, too.

This has quickly skyrocketed to my favourite manga. When I go to Japan definitely keeping an eye out for this one! Thank you for translating, can't wait to see more :)

Thanks for this manga! It's so good! About this last chapter, life is really a bitch! But I'm thinking 

what if the driver of that car is Natsumi? Since she said that she needed the car to go out

Good story, but that chapter ending was pathetic and cheap.

fuck my life are you serious

Kinda sad that we have to keep ourselves positive saying "at least he isn't dead, probably"

Man this manga is heavy.

I may be wrong but I don't think he is dead. Like did you see the contents on chapter 5? There is a photo of Tougo for Chapter 7. So there is a possibility that he isn't dead. Let's all hope that he doesn't end up dying! I love this manga! It is an absolute hidden gem. T-T

My heart feels so heavy.

No. Another cliffhanger...? Nooooo!

Thank you so much again, this manga is one of my favourite. My heart is beatting each time I read a chapter of this and i often wanna cry. Beautiful story.

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