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Hoshi no Harmony

Alt Names: alt Harmony of the Starsalt Star Harmonyalt 星のハーモニー
Author: Hikawa Kyouko
Artist: Hikawa Kyouko
Genres: Romance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: This manga includes two different stories.

1) Hoshi no Harmony (2 chapters) : The first one is about a girl, Yukiko, who is always doing what others tell her to do and a boy, Wada, who can't stand how his classmates always taking advantage of her naivety and kindness and tries to knock some sense into her.

2) (4 chapters) Mayuko and Sugikake's story : Mayuko had an unrequited love with her cousin and promised herself to not fall in love again but everything changes when Sugikake, her sempai in the volley club, starts picking on her.
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Nice, really nice.  But then, it's by Hikawa Kyouko, so it couldn't be anything else.  If she's ever written anything that's not really worth reading or doesn't make you feel better after reading it, I haven't come across it yet.  I rate her definitely in my top five mangaka (that is the plural of mangaka, isn't it?).  Thanks, Stage Storm, for bringing us a real reading pleasure.

wow, this must be the first time I've laughed at "girl slaps boy" used as comedy relief. Well done

The end of chapter 1 made me laugh. The problem (who likes who) that the "adults" were fretting about took the kid two seconds to resolve by stating the truth plainly/telling his brother straight forward. Literally made me laugh out loud.
This is nice. Simple, sweet, nice little bits of comic relief, and the characters aren't bad. It has that old school "more innocent time" vibe.
Thank you for uploading Hikawa's work. She's always been my favourite mangaka

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