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I Love You Baby

Alt Names: alt I love you baby漫画简介
Author: KOMORI Mikko
Artist: KOMORI Mikko
Genres: Drama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: You are the "first" of everything for me who is afraid of guys.

A 7th grade girl by the name of Mirei is not allowed to do anything after school due to her strict parents, but one day she goes out on her own after her mom has left for work. That day, she meets a boy that seems to be younger than her. What will become of this meeting?

(Source: Chibi Manga)
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Me encanta ♥♥♥❤❤❤

Yup.  This one is definitely growing on me so far.  Good peoples, cuteness galore, puppy, even some smidges of characterization, and not a triangle in sight.

It's like imagining the protagonists of Hibi Chouchou actually communicated.

Tomo and his blushing face is just too cute!! But really, I think its so sweet that one of the first things he wants to do is help Mirei train so she can be empowered and feel confident walking around. It's shows he's paying attention to her situation all the while he still tries to respect her wishes and not be too pushy. Likewise, its nice to see Mirei working to change and reach out to Tomo. I am so getting diabetes from this story.

Save me from this cutenessssss.....

Questo manga lo trovate completo in italiano su Manga cosmo ^^
That older sister's boyfriend has guts. I like him.

I wonder if something happened to Mirei before which is why her mom is particularly strict with her with going out and having her promise not to respond when other people call out to her.


I also wonder if this has something to do with Tomo pursuing in being stronger in judo and with his dad being a police officer (involved in a past incident or even kidnapping?!).

So sweet I'm getting diabetes.
Love it ❤️

As likable and innocent as the main pair are, I'm actually seriously disturbed by one particular aspect of this manga.


It seems like half of the men in the story just *cannot* help themselves at forcefully, pushily, aggressively sexually harass a little girl. Not that harassing adult women is any more acceptable, but she's a first year middle schooler, even if she's famously pretty! This manga's Japan desperately need an emergency injection of feminist education on concepts like consent, women's right to their own choices and bodies, and basic civil courtesy.


I understand that many young women, even in more enlightened societies, are often forced to "awaken" to their sexuality by unpleasant experiences with creepy older men [through leers, cat-calling, vaguely threatening behavior...or worse]; I understand that these cases happen far, far more often than normal men even think possible, as they themselves (being largely sensible) couldn't ever imagine doing the same thing. But those are generally individual incidents, whereas this poor girl can't walk to the convenience store without a sexual harassment case. Like, come on you animals. Is she secretly a succubus emanating irresistible pheromones or something?

I think it's interesting how the story is about puberty and hightened hormones and love. I don't see this much in shoujo.

m....middle schooler romance?!

oh god I feel so old *crawls into hole and dries up like the himono I am*

Chapter 4: SUPLEX CITY!!!
Funny how CM goes from yearly updates to suddenly pouring out updates...

it's like watching two little bunnies in love!!!!! Somehow, the art reminds me of hiyokoi....

I must say there's something ridiculously cute about the pictures of her where you can see her little legs and her shoes.

this is too cute i cant handle

:batoto_015: I just can't get over how adorable everyone looks! They're just too cute, makes you want to squeeze them or act like an old aunt and pinch their cheeks.

They are made for eachother.

Questo manga lo trovate completo in italiano sul manga cosmo ^^

This is so adorable they are both actually cute w /out annoying factors in their personalities. I hope we can watch them grow together throughout middle and high school
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Thanks for the chapter, Chibi Manga!


actually, this was so cute I just had to read the rest (the completed manga is available on raff) and it's just so goddamn adorable, it definitely makes you feel the doki doki :-*>


I'm just kinda sad

but oh well...

I see it, yeah, especially the guy.  I think that's mostly just the cover, though.

Well, kind of cute so far.  It's funny, the main boy character seems to have a personality and the supporting girl characters do, while the supporting boy characters and the main girl character not so much as yet.

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When I first saw it I thought the art looked a lot like Hirunaka no Ryuusei


I felt a bit confused reading it the first time over. I can't completely figure out why.

It feels like it breezed past a number of things without giving sufficient information, leaving too many questions, some which could have been answered in this chapter, by the end.


Still like it though.

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