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Isekai Yuusha No Satsujin Yuugi

Alt Names: alt 異世界勇者の殺人遊戯alt The Deadly Game of Hero From Another Worldalt Смертельная игра героев из параллельного мира
Author: Rough Game
Artist: Meika Sayaka
Genres: Action ActionDrama DramaFantasy Fantasy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: The deceased Vatanuki decides to become a hero in a parallel world under the guidance of a goddess. However, someone kills the goddess and carries the hero to another place. And then terrible things begin!
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Ch.1: Собрание героев параллельного мира
AkaiYuhiMun team TiKi Akai 2 weeks ago

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I didn't know they could embed RPGmaker games into nico... Interesting game

so is this death game not with normal people but with heroes from other world instead?

well seeing from the alternate title

Link above for those who understand Japanese and wanted to play the game, it's actually pretty hillarious with the Japanese players' comments on lol(the game itself is serious, so you may want to disable the live comments if you wanted to play it seriously). It's not adapted from WN/LN by the way, it's from an RPG/VN-ish browser game.

Skim reading through Rus-raw Above
Yeah, this is not average isekai stories, This is interesting.
In the future I believe LHtranslation or Champion Scan Would pick this up

yeah this plot look interesting

Google translated the title..  ' a post office of a post office '


....that doesnt seem right..

This got me at "kills the Godess", is any english one going to get this?

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