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Jio to Ougon to Kinjirareta Mahou

Alt Names: alt ジオと黄金と禁じられた魔法alt 禁忌的魔法alt Jio and Ougon and the Forbidden Magicalt Jio to Ogon to Kinjirareta Mahoualt Jio to Oogon to Kinjirareta Mahou
Author: Kirihata Ayumi
Artist: Kirihata Ayumi
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureFantasy FantasyShounen Shounen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Jio is a young magic user whose goal is to one day become the greatest magic user in the world! He lives a sheltered life with his master Iregaura, until the events of one day leave him to journey out into the world alone. Jio, whose magical specialty is making flowers bloom, has a lot to learn about the world outside his home, but he is still determined to achieve his goal!
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Topic Awesome manga-Kinda sad they split it up though ;( New Window noobarta
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??? For a few seconds i was confused as hell after ch 26. Then after looking back i realized "shit not another one..." That ending would of only helped this manga. AFTER they defeated Gin. Maybe have some sorta thing with the mc and the girl. Hagh... So dissappointing. This is SAO all over again. 

Oh wow, this really was a great manga. If not  for the ending, I'd give it a 10/10.


Still, I liked how the father gets summoned in Jio's homeland. Somehow makes me feel nostalgic, as if I'd missed Jio for 500 years myself.

What. The. Fuck. I actually thought that there was something wrong with the scans so I went and looked up the chapter numbers.


Who the fuck kills their own story right before the end of an arc? You are just plain retarded Mr. Author.

so disappointed about this ending.... also wth was with jio wishing out all magic..... i think he would be the type to never do that since it would effectively remove his friends immortality, and kill the curses he had just bonded with..... really doesnt make that much sense.

especially when you consider that he had an insane level of power that didnt really seem to have any competition.

I really like the part of the story before the skip, and don't regret reading it at all.

People, read it anyway, its worth it.

someone should slap the hell out of the editor...i hope it was one that for some reason took over cause, i give him/her credit for making the 1- 3rd volume storyline. as a quality manga addict i feel cheated :/. What ever happened in those FIVE HUNDRED years? misses out on 500 yrs and a epic standoff - disapoint.
-*sry to be so lengthly*-
on another note, the art isn't to my modern style but it has a nice mystical ancient context to it to be likable enough.
Seriously did the Mangaka have to end it quickly? The timeskip was drastic, but it could have been possible to make something out of it, (I expected to slowly get Information about the pre time skip story) but this was lackluster.
How come this didn't freaking continue the original story??? X( Freaking publishers getting this manga axed and ruining its ending!!! ARGH!
The author should have just stick with the original Jio than skip 500 years leaving us with more questions than answers.
Really? You really had to skip 5 whole freaking generations of Jio?
The ending was so awesomely bad I completely regret ever reading this. It totally killed the greatness of the 1st 3 volumes
One time skip is understandable. Another time skip just before the final battle starts is plain stupidity.
Ridiculous. A timeskip for the last volume. Just wow. I was enjoying it too. The new characters have no time to develop and as of chapter 32 they're completely shallow and unlikeable. 2 chapters or so to go.

One of the most disappointing manga I've read, so much potential wasted.
yup, that timeskip killed the storyline and suspense that was building up
This was O.K. until it was a timeskip after a timeskip. Why the fuck would you even do something like that and break out of the storyline? Just fucking end your manga instead of writing a new one 500 years in the future that will solely handle about what happened 500 years in the past.
This is so awesome, to bad it's finished hoped to see more of it. Pretty good ending
wow this manga sure is amazing
must follow it !!
tee hee
...amazing, gotta love it! if you dont NO COOKIES FOR U!
@ Kalladin
Correction: It was most amazing.
Creativity rules in this manga (even though, towards the very last chapters, the pacing speeds up at infinite speeds to strange tangents) -- I love the story and characters, tru dat.
This is pretty good. Especially if your a fan of magic.

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