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Kamikami Kaeshi

Alt Names: alt かみかみかえしalt 众神回归alt Kami-kami Kaeshialt Kamigami Kaeshi
Author: Tooyama Ema
Artist: Tooyama Ema
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaFantasy FantasyRomance RomanceShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: From the mangaka of Watashi ni xx Shinasai!:

Mashiro has spent the last thirteen years of her life locked away in a room as she protects the gods that live in her hair, being slowly restored. However, when the door opens to the room and she stumbles outside, she finds that things are not how they seem, and the gods are unleashed.
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We got permission from Moustache scans to continue this project a year back. We've already bought all the volumes of Kamikami Kaeshi but we're short on hands so it's not on the top of our priority list. Chapter 14 will probably be released in the summer with our current pacing.

If you'd like to lend us a hand please PM me or visit our recruit page!

Was gonna read this then I saw who it was written by, and into the trash it goes


How many times will this one chapter be rereleased...

Volume 4 cover:


Skipped this when the first chapter was released. Now hitting myself because I missed a loli. FU--------------

Thanks for the update :D

I really like Tooyama Ema and her art in a fantasy setting = A+

Kamikami Kaeshi is my third fave manga by TOOYAMA Ema the first one being Watashi ni xx Shinasai! second is Hyakuen!



Thanks for the Update!!!

Loli miko!! LOLI HIME!! Cute Random stuff! What more can you ask for?!
THE LOLIS!!!!!!!!!
=O I normally can't stand the cute stuff....but.I.can't.resist.this. for some reason O.o Actually, the story is quite interesting =^^=
Please help, rescue the black haired loli.
..If she never cut her hair, how does she have bangs?
Damn, where did I put that bear seal of approval?
Posted Image Another Loli!!!
Now an ojou-sama?!! Holy crow this just gets better and better.

I wish she would wish for her aunt and Midori to die, but I also know Mashiro would never do something like that.

C'est la vie~
OMG!! It's adorable and awesome at the same time! I love Tooyama Ema sensei's work!
Simply adorable.
I'm such a sucker for Tooyama Ema's works. Even though they are shoujo they are the best!!!!!
The cuteness......
The update.. might be the "other language" (Polich) - just look at the date.
Why is it telling me that its updated...if its not
ok im just going to say it CUTENESS OVERLOAD now thats out of the system more now damn it
oh my... I think I'm obsessing with Ema Tooyama's series ._.!! First, Watashi ni... then GDGD-DOGS and then this?! I love her mangas, they're friggin' awesome xD <3
so far so good! im loving it! i was a big fan of watashi ni xx shinasai and this is well on its level! :)

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