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Karakuri Odette

Alt Names: alt โอเดตต์ หุ่นกลคนป่วนalt 人造人欧朵alt 人造人歐朵alt カラクリオデットalt Karakuri Odettealt Puppet Odettealt Puppet Odetto
Author: Suzuki Julietta
Artist: Suzuki Julietta
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeSci-fi Sci-fiShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: From Serenus Dreamers:
Odette is an android designed by Dr. Yoshizawa. Wanting to find the ultimate difference between humans and her, Odette decides to persuade Dr. Yoshizawa to enroll her in a local high school. Follow Odette's adventures, as she ventures through high school, in search of the true meaning of being a human!
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Sigh voglio il seguito in italiano sigh
This was my first mangaafter Dragonball and Dr. Slump. I have no clue how I came across it years ago, but it's still really good re-reading it. A personal favorite!

On another note, anyone have any (somewhat) similar-themed manga besides Chobits (which I read three years ago) to recommend? I like 'them feels' and the slow growth of the robot/android into something human. Some comedy's fine though.

I just love this genre, and this got me hooked. Don't care that it's targeted at girls (shoujo) - this work in particular is why I have that awkward conversation with other male manga fans and I admit I read lots of shoujo.
Una dolcissima storia... mi pisce molto questo manga... grazie per aver scelto di tradurlo :)

Hayzz. I read it again.. What an excellent read! Is this really the end? :( I want to see more of Odette. I don't feel like it ended.

It's like Odette will forever live on and will step forward... just that, we won't see her doing that anymore though we know that she'll sure to accomplish it nevertheless. 

I'm sad. I will miss Odette forever. This is one of the few manga that was able to gave me the ecstatic feeling I very often had now a days. This manga also taught so many valuable things. I feel like she decided to end it and/or chose its ending in order to put a lid on this work.. Feels like she no longer desire to lengthen the story or keep it rolling for too long.

So she chose a proper, suitable ending and that's Asao's graduation.

I commend Suzuki Julietta for not forgetting the rest of the characters like Yukimura, at least.. though I was hoping to see some Chris and Professor Yoshizawa's sidestory or a  heartfelt explicit connection between Odette and Asao. ^_^


Odette, you will forever have a place in my heart. :)

can't my android be this cute?


At first I was: "I've missed you, Odette!" Then... "Whaatt?! O.O It's completed?" Oh my.. need to read. T.T
it ended!!!!!! :(
I really enjoyed this manga. The author had some good things to say and put them into a very nice story.
Rly good one, maybe read again sometimes)
WoW! Finally completed!! Gotta read!!!
This is the 2nd time the file got damaged when i upload. It was ch06 before.
Done! I have re-uploaded ch18
Chapter 18 seems broken. Wont display images beyond page 2.
ch26-29 are done by a person.
Himehina isn't a group.
Himehina's blog here
This is a great manga. Sometimes funny, sometimes bittersweet, it has a really nice touch with all the dilemmas of robots trying to understand human-ness. Classic themes about the nature of emotion and love, well delivered. Plus Odette's pretty dashed cute.

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