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Kare no Aijou no Hakari

Alt Names: alt 他的爱情天平alt 彼の愛情の秤alt The Scale of His Feelings
Author: TOUDA Yoshimi
Artist: TOUDA Yoshimi
Genres: Romance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Everyone loves Arishige's smile but Mioko has a strange feeling about it. And then, she will discover what Arishige is hiding behind it...
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È molto bello e molto profondo ❤️

Its perfect. Human being, loves human beings.

i feel so tired after reading this. it is not exactly enjoyable. that cover picture doesn't suit it

wow that manga was sad.


I hope that Ari got to be with Asaba and Mioko found a new person to love. How Asaba said "It's just that you are one of my best friends." we only can think:

1) He keep his friendship with Ari, and at the end Ari called Mioko for try date her, or maybe, thank her for the help.

2) Ari and Asaba got together, and he called her for thank her and tell the news.


It's sad that it ended here, I want to know what exactly happened D:

Honestly I found it to be awfully preachy. The message she was conveying was a good one overall but the story presented it poorly in my opinion. I realize a lot of people will disagree. Arishige was really the only interesting character in it, the others including Mio being rather cliche plot devices. 

cose e successo?? O_o non ho capito il finale!! DX quindi si sono messi insieme ho sono solo rimasti amici?? 

@Hedders it's something I read a while ago, (you may have seen it before):

that if you saw a side of them that no one else saw, something that only you knew about. and if you were with them when they were at their most vulnerable, you wouldn't be able to help falling in love with them.

and I think that's exactly what happened.
that was a bit, meh. I don't feel like I know the main character at all and her falling in love did not seem realistic
Oh. I forgot that option... Lol. I would be happy if the story continues and see what happens to Ari and Mioko.
Wow this was so sad.

Oh there's another one. 3) Asaba and Ari still best friends and Mioko found another one to love. 'Cos I feel like Asaba rejected him when he came to Ari's house, I believe he said "We will still be best friends no matter what you are."
Yeah I don't get it much either... There are two interpretations you can make from it: 1) Asaba and Ari got together and Mioko found another one to love. or 2) Asaba and Ari remained best friends and Ari and Mioko got together... which I find less happening... That's why i'm depressed, 'cos the story focuses on the girl.

Help? Please?
It'd be sad, if he's best friend won't accept him for what he is... :/
@Hannah The manga already ended. It's only 1 volume(4 chapters) long.
Woah, I think that was a bit too much for one chapter, that way the story won't keep going that long!
Poor Ari, how difficult he has it, at least Mio is there, hopefully she doesn't confuse Ari even more.
Great manga! Loving the development
this mangaat firstit seemed veryordinarybut after readingtheentire chaptersI loved, it is veryemotional, almostrealistic, I will continuereading.
So it's Shounen-Ai, but not a Shounen-Ai?

I'm so confused o.O
So it's Shounen-Ai, but not a Shounen-Ai?

I'm so confused o.O
So it's Shounen-Ai, but not a Shounen-Ai?

I'm so confused o.O
aa gracias¡¡
ohoohhh~ so interestingg ;D
I like the main guy a lot. The girl has an interesting personality too.

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