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Kataomoi Shoten

Alt Names: alt かたおもい書店alt 书店恋爱单行线
Author: HATA Akimi
Artist: HATA Akimi
Genres: Josei JoseiRomance RomanceShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Oogaki Mebae’s love of manga has led her to her dream job of working with comics in a bookstore. As an absurdly hard worker (and ninja-clan descendant?), she is doing her best to learn all she can about the comic sales world from Serizawa-san, her mysterious and talented superior who always ends up teasing her. She may just end up with her own manga-like love story…
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Esta historia se desarrolla lentamente, pero me gusta cómo es difícil de entender Serizawa y cómo Oogaki va sensibilizándolo. El romance florecerá a su tiempo.

Stupendoooooo!!!! :batoto_015:

Questo manga lo trovate completo in italiano sul Manga cosmo

vedete aggiornamento dell 22 /11/2015  qui

This is quite cute. I also like how the male lead isn't actually abusive, he just likes to tease her, but she knows it. Also, the fact that she is a descendant of a ninja clan is pretty hilarious. She's such a cute, honest heroine with ninja skills. I definitely like this manga and can't wait for updates! :)

Like Gale, I also skipped this manga before. The description does not do the manga justice.
On the other  hand XD - ninja descendant in  a bookstore is funny but the effects fujoshi's has on her makes me laugh more.

Those fujoshi's are the dark ensemble of this manga, I approved of you.

ooh! i like this. the descendant of a ninja clan is hilarious lolol 

While this is nothing like what I had expected (basically what Gale said); except there is a strong shoujo feel from it despite a josei setting. It feels like one of those in between demographic tags but settles on josei because of the story revolving around adults

The description is a bit off-putting? Saying that her boss "makes her into a slave" is poor choice of words, when there are so many josei manga where the heroine genuinely is treated like garbage by the male lead, so it sounds like this manga is just another one of them. It's actually a lot better than that - in part because she's so absurdly hypercompetent that doing so much work doesn't slow her down at all, and it's work she's willingly taking on of her own accord, so it doesn't feel forced or unreasonable.

But it's also because their relationship is a lot more light-hearted and affectionate than most "I fell in love with my mean but talented boss" stories tend to be. He teases her a lot, but unlike so many other stories where "playful teasing" crosses the line into "miserable and abusive bullying", he expresses in his jokes and tricks how much he appreciates her company, his admiration of her talents, and his sincere attempts to make sure she feels appreciated. That bit's important.

Really, I've come across this manga several times, and kept skipping it because of that description. So I'm partly leaving this comment to remind myself that it's actually much better than it sounds, in case I come back to this in the future and forget what it's about.

This line killed me >///<


Damn that girl is a descendant of the Uchiha clan.

So glad to see this resumed! Thanks, Chibi!

please update

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She's a nice heroine! Seems a very funny story!


cute chapter yay! thanks

Ahahaha the girl's interesting! She's very useful...

hmmm nice art... well damn... that was cute chp ender... perfectly matched

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