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Killer - Unparalleled Freedom

Alt Names: alt Killeralt 杀手·无与伦比的自由
Author: Gibbens
Artist: Cao Zhihao
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventurePsychological PsychologicalSeinen Seinen
Type: Manhua (Chinese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: A Manga adaptation of the 9th book from the famous Killer Series written by Gibbens(九把刀).

This is a story about an ordinary guy under extraordinary circumstances turning into a psychotic mad killer.
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Easy Going Scans KidCongo 2 days ago

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IMO, this manhua does deserve some points for making a character with such a yolo philosophy. It's interesting to see when you're used to characters with gradual growth and doubts and such.


That said, this particular dude is quite flat. You could condense his entire psyche into a line of text, despite the author's rather confused attempts to humanize him in the last chapter. There's no explanation, IIRC, for how he went from scrub to mauling a crowd of gangsters with his fists. He's not even likable because of all the shit he does. It's like... I'm reading to see whether the author can turn him into an interesting character.

This guy is nowhere near the level of Golgo 13. With Golgo you know he is a no-bullshit killer which is why he is likable as a near-immortal badass, a Magnificent Bastard if you will. While this guy is not much of a good guy, but not much of a bad guy either - both in a bad way, because the author seems to not really know which direction he wants to take Cang Ye to. The author tried hard to make him likeable by including all those shitty chibi drawings and internal monologues to give the impression that this manhwa or the character himself is self-aware, but they only make Cang Ye even more of an insufferable twat. But this can be said about a lot of modern manhua as well. The best part of this is the art and even that is stretching it.

To iu!


Thanks for the update

Have to say, that whole scene was pretty awesome. Usually assassin series feature a lot of detailed plans that require serious precision to carry out, but this guy just runs in and kills everyone in his path. It's actually kind of refreshing to see a protagonist like this.

Is there a more boring, invincible lead than this guy?

Uh, I get what you mean but you know that Shōnen and Seinen are solely defined by which magazine the manga in question was published, right? Any correlations between the content of said manga and their magazine are only secondary and more or less irrelevant to the definition. So it shouldn’t be that surprising that not every manga in a magazine for “adults” will stick to the characteristics that usually come with that.

It's very shouenish for a seinen manga.. But thing that i don't understand is how people complain that MC is not likeable. GOOD! He shouldn't be, he's shallow, he's stupid and totally unprofessional. Want a likeable killer? Go watch "Léon", this one is "Mr NeverDie" his name by itself says everything about him. I only hope for interesting developement in later chapters (but after 4th chapter i doubt it). Or at least he gets his stupid ass handled some time.

What manga was that ending credits page from on chapter 4?


What manga was that ending credits page from on chapter 4?

I believe that part of the appeal of this manga's MC is looking forward to how he deals with his much more experienced competitors in the field of assassination.  To see if and how he progresses  and/or matures in his chosen field of endeavor.


At least, this latest chapter seems to indicate that as the direction the series is going in to me and I am eagerly anticipating this development.


Besides, what rule says that one cannot enjoy a series with a totally abhorrent and detestable MC with absolutely no moral appeal?


Although, this MC does remind me a bit of an Edgar Rice Burroughs character created back in the early 1900s named Billy Byrne who started out as a downright despicable bastard but later developed into a slightly more honorable type by the end of the novel titled, The Mucker, which is available to read for free here:  http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/331


Here is the cover of the 1974 Ace paperback with cover art by the great fantasy artist, Frank Frazetta, that I first read this story in:



I don't understand. Am I supposed to ROOT for this character?


He's a complete piece of human garbage. Even the majority of villain protagonists have at least a few redeeming characteristics, so the audience can latch onto and identify with them. This creates long-term interest in their fate.


This guy is just a boring "monster" who effortless beats people despite no training, and views humans as things.


I honestly have a hard time believing this could maintain interest for a long run. How long does it go on before the audience gets fed up and just wants to see the MC die?

You want antiheroes to be likeable, sadly (to me) he is not.



I'm wondering if he was always a sociopath... I haven't read Golgo 13, but I guess he's like that..

Anyway it doesn't seem unrealistic that many hitmen are like this.. except for all the *_inconspiciously jumping around_* and so on.. Anyway thank you EGS!

One thing's for certain he'll never be a Baki or a Kiichi Miyazawa...


You want antiheroes to be likeable, sadly (to me) he is not.



I like that hes wearing New balance shoes in the cover of chp.1

MC is a Chuunibyou Killer???

you know i used to feel bad for this shiteater, but not so much anymore.

I don't know how I feel about our MC.

he is not likeable, but i still want to follow his story somehow

The protagonist is an imbecile and what’s more a sociopath, utterly horrible (he shouts about conscience when they want to sell his organs and not so long after that he brutally kills an innocent women). The only good point about this is the artwork.

I don't know how I feel about our MC.

So it's all just luck is it? The fight scene though kinda reminds of a Jackie Chan movie, like how he seems to get into all kinds of trouble XD

"Mr. Neverdie" is a name that sounds like it should be on some cheesy vanity license plate.

this is badass 

Please tell me someone else sees tom cruise on the cover.

yep. looks like a young tom cruise.

Please tell me someone else sees tom cruise on the cover.

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