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Kimi wa Kirakira

Alt Names: alt キミはキラキラalt 閃亮的你alt 闪亮的青春alt Kimi wa Kira Kiraalt Parıldıyorsunalt You're Sparkling
Author: YOSHINO Aki
Artist: YOSHINO Aki
Genres: Josei JoseiRomance RomanceSports Sports
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Shinobu is a college student who seemingly has no conviction. Her childhood friend, the captain of the archery team, is worried about her. When she meets a football player in an interesting way, watching the guy's enthusiasm as he plays, she gets the sudden urge to take his picture.
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a guy with sexy arms instead of twigs.. followed. too bad its so freakin short

I like the plot much! hohohoho Now I've learned something from american football sports. The characters are also well-drawn. Is there a continuation of this? hehe

ahh why did they end it there! i want more :[

aww... why does good stuff ends shortly...

if you wish one is shorter, its somehow long..
then you thought one should be longer, you'll find out it's shorter...

epilogue: they never date because they are too career oriented, the end.
Wha....What? It's finished? Awesome manga, but that ending seemed to come out of nowhere. Personally, I would have liked to have seen a much stronger conclusion...better climax, more falling action, a more profound character arc. Still, a good bit better than your average shoujo or josei.
One of my favorite things about this manga is getting to see how the Japanese treat American football! I grew up in the Deep South, meaning football frenzy every football season. But even here, high school football isn't covered by any media outside of the local ones. Don't believe them when they say that Philadelphia High School is famous. I think they probably mean Penn State, though that's a college.

By the way, doesn't Saijou seem way too scrawny to be a football player?
Followed. I like it, 'cause what nepenthe^ said.
This manga doesn't focus much on (American) football or photography, but so far, it's good. The characters are interesting and not cliche. They have odd quirks that make me want to find out more about them. I'm definitely following this!

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