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Koisome Momiji

Alt Names: alt Love-colored Maple Leavesalt 恋染紅葉
Author: Sakamoto Tsugirou
Artist: Miura Tadahiro
Genres: Comedy ComedyEcchi EcchiRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen Shounen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: A girl asks Katsuragi Shouta to take a picture of her with Enoshima in the background. Embarassed by her cuteness, he takes the picture and runs away. He later finds out that she is an actress by the name of Shinomiya Sana. A TV drama, Koisome Momiji, will be shot in Shouta's town and Sana will be starring in one of the lead roles, as a passionate girl who whole-heartedly chases after the guy she loves. However, Sana has never experienced that kind of love. To practice for this role (and maybe truly fall in love) Sana asks Shouta to be her boyfriend!
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this is good...

oneshot and the serial have a good story.. a bit cliche but at least the MC still stick o the same girl and didnt hesitant to choose 

The serialization was great, but I prefer the oneshot. The oneshot was more believable, and didn't have some of the normal tropes that editors often make mangakas throw in. (fanservice, rival women, etc.)

It was as cliche as it could be, but both the oneshot and series are likeable It was fun while it lasted (ノω・、)

Was a good read for me. And everyone knows that best girl is this one

Dont know why there is so much hate. I liked this manga alot. It reminded me of an older manga called I"s but basically a shorter version. It was good

Started great but turned to shit. 

Why couldnt they just focus on main guy and main girl love?

avoid this piece of s**t, the main character is a spineless dirtbag who, despite loving the main girl, couldn't have the balls to turn away the other girls and got into stupid situations because of it. 0.000001 out 5

Okay captain autismo.

well haters gonna hate


avoid this piece of s**t, the main character is a spineless dirtbag who, despite loving the main girl, couldn't have the balls to turn away the other girls and got into stupid situations because of it. 0.000001 out 5

it's good. but the best girl is as the support girl. damn that iritates me when seeing her cries. 

I suck at putting into words how I feel about things so I will probably sound like a picky asshole, but here we go.


In summary: Don't read this manga if you don't like cliched everything and best girl is just a supporting character.



I probably expected too much by taking some of the comments into consideration, but boy was I disappointed with this manga. It had a good start, looked like it could go places, but ended up falling into the pit of bland, cliched situations; the manga was almost ending and I was asking myself when things would become interesting.


I thought Shouta would be a likeable protagonist with his shyness at the first chapters but he soon became another uninteresting harem lead.

Actual spoilers



 The misunderstandings that make most of the story are really silly and all the cockblocking that happens is so frequent and annoying to the point that when the romance hit its climax I didn't really feel anything about the scenes, and I am a sucker for couples making out.


The below is about the girls and might have some indication of how the story goes



I only memorized Yui’s name because it was easy and heck, I had to look up Kotori‘s name because I had already forgotten it. I didn’t feel attached at all to the characters except Umine because I am biased she plays perfectly the role of supporting character and friend. Umine helped Shouta during the whole damn story, she always encouraged Shouta and gave him advices, both the ponytail and hair on the shoulders look extremely gourgeous on her and her bust is perfectly fine as it is. Shit, she deserved more than what this manga gave to her (I am looking at you, glasses).


Well, that’s more or less it. I didn’t really enjoy this ride and like I said at the start it’s completely my fault for expecting too much. There’s nothing much good I have to say about this manga except that I liked that Yui’s poses are present since her introduction in the story until the end and that Umine is best girl.

yep, this is great

both shinomiya and nanasato are so adorable...

Very cute. No complaints here. :)

6th times i reread this series, amazing indeed, amazing story with superb artwork, lost of words. one more time AMAZING!!

Sweet romance manga indeed. Man, I wish the last chapter was longer. I mean, you know, I would've loved it if the epilogue expanded until marriage, lol.

Anyway, it was a great ride. Totally recommended for those who loves romance-comedy manga.

Rechecked the first few pages just to make sure if it's worth reading..

The heck is this 4th volume cover, it gave me a weird missunderstanding. I thought the drawing would be as weird as the cover (no offense, personal opinion only), but heck, this is our ordinary drawing all'rite! Will download this asap!

Standard, but at least the pacing was good and it didn't bullshit too hard.

I once again give thanks for the existence of the "random" button; This was a great read.

That was a cute read. Not short, but not dragged out. Pretty rare for this sort of story, it seems.

I really love this kind of story... I'm also glad that Kotori became a better character. 

I've fulfilled my life.

That was such a sweet, sweet romantic read. Love the ending. What else can I say man....

Blast through it all in one night...



Was a great, romantic read.


However, I'm now green with envy...

cant even count how many times i re-read this series, amazing one indeed -_-

... I'm off to find me an idol girlfriend. I shall return when I find one as pure as Sana, as awesome as Yui, or as cute as Kotori. Wish me luck!

Tell us how that works out! :D

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