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Alt Names: alt くらげひめalt Kurage Himealt Princess Jellyfishalt 海月姫
Genres: Award Winning Award WinningComedy ComedyDrama DramaGender Bender Gender BenderJosei JoseiRomance RomanceSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Kurashita Tsukimi is an 18 year old 'kurage otaku' (jellyfish fanatic). She lives in Tokyo in an all-female apartment complex full of various types of otaku. They fear and despise beautiful, fashionable people while existing happily in their no-man, no make-up world.
That all changes when a 'hipster' saves the life of a jellyfish and intrudes upon Tsukimi's isolated existence. Things are made even more complicated when it turns out that the beautiful woman is actually a man in drag.
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Vol.17 Ch.82: ○○ Dresses
Hachimitsu Scans Juhachi 2 days ago

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I think I am psychic lol, the Day before yesterday checking with a 'gutfeeling'.
While I loyally follow this manga though, I am still awaiting some 'swoon' moments. While I like the love not being too mainfocussy, I still think This comic had been going too sterile for too long with All the mainfocus on the dressmaking. Also the arc with Fish seemed a bit too much of a forced block on the road without actually delivering the ultimate drama and climactic point it could have gotten. By This point I,d think it best to allow tsukimi to just end up with no one and kuranosuke to be either asexual or gay.
Also the heck vixen come back! I dislike her near disappearance act.

Also! I don't like the weird light brow dark hair combo on tsukimis face in some of the most recent drawings! Why??? It is a slight point of irritation, but I don't get it. I mean she had bristles, and dark bristles are great again!
Higashimura is incredible, I'll be sad when this ends but at least she's going to finish it properly

One of the first josei i watched when it became an anime. instantly fell in love with it, but for some reason, I've been not reading it. and now i find out its just updated and that means im gonna have to reread the whole thing again


what the ... sooner than expected. I'm nervous with anticipation. I'm bookmarking the final chapter as the catalyst for me to completely change my life. 

I came here to say that the last chapter is coming out next month
This is one of my first josei, as I'm used to reading shoujo.

Josei to me is not as linear overall, which can be more frustrating at times. But this definitely have shojo elements, especially the main mc, and how she's so inexperienced with love and real life. Also she's like 18/19, she's just out of high school and not in college OTL.

I read the first 25 chapters or so, and loved the first 15 better.

Later it's pretty darn annoying, tsukimi's characterization and all. I blame it on the mangaka, because it feels too drama-ish for the quirky slapstick-in-your-face humor of the manga.


nvm, form Hachimitsu Scans blogspot

And so, we now come to the end of Kuragehime volume 16 with a bonus prequel chapter about Kuranosuke, and a two page afterword. But there is also some unfortunate news. Kuragehime has been on hiatus in Kiss since chapter 81 was published back in January, so we're now all caught up with the series. What this means is that we don't really know when v17 will come out now. If Kuragehime restarts in July and continues with the bimonthly schedule it's been doing, v17 may not come out until as late as May of next year, and at any rate, we don't really expect it to come out until next year anyway. It's a shame, since v17 is likely to be the last volume, going by the announcement last September that the series was close to ending, so the wait is going to be all the more frustrating. But we will finish this series no matter what.

has this been dropped?

Waiting for a new update T_T

I have aged a year since the last update.

I hope the new chapters are posted soon.

Shuu obviously never really understood Tsukimi. If she ever got married to him, he would try to make her into some fantasy yamato nadeshiko, a politician wife. Even if he really loves her, her hobbies, her wishes, he doesn't understand them. They are alien to him. He's the type to attempt to change people into something else "for their own good", instead of allowing them to grow and make their own decisions. He helps her, but doesn't allow her to grow.


Kuranosuke is the one who always pulls back Tsukimi on her feet and supports her. I totally ship them.

"Get a head start on the beer"? I like where your head is at, Higashimura!

Rasterize Rasterize!
Now I need to go back through the volume and look for art changes.

Might not be much. Near as I can make out, tones and stuff was always a pretty mechanical process based on applying these mass-produced sheets that were all identical. Computerizing that probably just makes 'em easier to apply without botch-ups.

Rasterize Rasterize!


Now I need to go back through the volume and look for art changes.

I'll be over here pining for the next volume to get released (and then scanslated.)


THANK YOU Hachimitsu scans!

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Wonderful chapter, as ever. The start of Kuranosuke's crossdressing is fabulous, as expected.

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Ayy poor big bro, he's just a puppy person and he loves tsukimi, flaws and all. But then again, so does Kuranosuke, and Kuranosuke is the one I want Tsukimi to choose in the end. Its a hard choice to make but the landshark lady can be with big bro, it okay

Yaaasssss...Tsukimi read mah letter~ *jk*

if course you're not :D


and the lil bro was just like "haha whatever what a silly ring yo my bro crazy" i mean.. no jealousy..

That is jealousy.

thats not tsukimi,
thats from the author's another manga that runs in the same magazine.

I suspected so... But she definitely looks a lot like Tsukimi and I hope she gets a haircut like this, she'd looked so good!

aww the brother got rejected :( he even went down on his knees lol.  poor kid


frangipiani, on 01 Jun 2016 - 07:49, said:
The part where you said Kuranosuke had no reaction ("no jealousy.. no anger.... nothing..."),  it's quite clear that he's in shock.


i don't think that "quite clear" at all. Because I obviously didn't see it that way. I think it's a matter of perspective.

short-haired tsukimi is !!!


thats not tsukimi,


thats from the author's another manga that runs in the same magazine.

short-haired tsukimi is !!!


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