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Love All!

Alt Names: alt ラブオール!
Author: Sakou Watari
Artist: Sakou Watari
Genres: Romance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSports Sports
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Kimari Haneno, 15-years-old. This spring, she enrolled at Shikano Academy's Special Communication department. But on the day of the entrance ceremony, this Communication Department is sentenced to getting abolished. Kimari however, who followed the footsteps of her deceased brother, doesn't want this department to vanish! And so, she starts to act out of character! But what should she do!? Only the president of the all male Normal Department student council holds out a helping hand to her. And he has secret plans to capture the headmaster?!
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This story is pretty all over the the place, but oddly I'm enjoying it - especially the Byuu x Kimari moments (like when they're training).


...There's too many things that are a bit weird/illogical, but I'll turn a blind eye to them and just keep enjoying...whatever it is I'm enjoying about it (the more I try to think about it, the less sure I become).

This chapter was a bit better than the first few ones, but it still didn't give me that feeling of anticipation for the next chapter despite that abrupt ending :l
I rlly do wanna like this manga but there isn't anything going for it at the moment, theres rlly nothing that interesting about the characters and the it doesn't have a strong story either.
I'm still gonna keep following this in hopes of it improving though!
Thanks for the new chapter!!!

Why would one person die from regular alcohol, which appears to be beer that the regular course students are supposedly drinking every day???? Not making any sense whatsoever... If you disregard that then the story becomes ok, but not dying to read the next chapter type.


They are both explaining a lot in super detail and yet leaving a bunch super vague and mysterious. Just hope they will even that out a bit and not just rush through it, without following up and through.

I ought to like this, but somehow it isn't grabbing me.  I mean, the setup is sort of interesting, there's an anti-elitist thing going on and a warm message or three, the art is decent and shows a bit more variation in character designs than average.  But . . . I dunno, the dialogue lacks sparkle, the main character doesn't seem to have much personality so far, and the most interesting human interactions I've seen are all flashbacks with a guy who's dead.

Maybe I'm just tired today.  I'll have another look sometime.

byuu is like, completely unnecessary in this story so far. LOL.
you lazy ass kid. tone down your nightly activities, byuu!
He's tired 24/8
Dafuq is wrong with Byu?

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