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Love Revolution

Alt Names: alt 연애혁명alt Yeonae Hyeokmyeongalt Yunae Hyukmyung
Author: 232
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeWebtoon Webtoon
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Romance, such thing cannot exist between us!

Original Webtoon: http://m.comic.naver.com/webtoon/list.nhn?titleId=570503&no=&seq=
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Title Group Contributor Date
Ch.33: School Holiday
LOLScans Janowicz 3 weeks ago
Ch.32: Unexpected (2)
LOLScans Janowicz 3 weeks ago
Ch.31: The Unexpected
LOLScans Janowicz 3 weeks ago

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So, to let you all know, LOLScans will no longer be releasing on bato.to.

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Damn i love this chapter the most!
Kang woo and yang min...i really ship both of them damn hard

I spoke too soon. This seems interesting but the flow of the story seems like a prologue. It was bugging me so much I had a look at the raw titles and discovered W. T. F. 


Wait was this the last chapter lol?


I hope so... I couldn't even get through the whole chapter. It was bad enough that she agreed to date him in the first place, and I was hoping that, after the way he was such a D.H. towards her, she would see the light and cut all ties with him. But, no, she's still going to date him??? Ugh! They're both idiots.


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Wait was this the last chapter lol?

*snippety snip*

I think that it's supposed to be known that a period of time passed between him not being able to talk to her and them dating in which they were friends, shown by them going to school together and texting. We (and the characters) don't know exactly why she's dating him; that's going to be driving her character development, I expect. He thinks that she does like him, that much is clear, and she is using that in order to hurt him. So far, it seems that she agreed to date him in order to hurt him.


And seriously, once you start dating you should give up retaliatory behavior meant to annoy (or physically hurt, in her case) your partner. The reason she's being haunted by those moments is that she realized that she's been treating him like shit. She thought it was okay since he was annoying, but now she knows that it was wrong. Just imagine if you decided to go out with someone just to treat them like this, reflect on it, and then see why she might feel guilty.


Sure, he's annoying, but that doesn't justify what she's doing. Before them dating, there was no responsibility for her to tell him that she didn't like him and everything was his fault. While dating, it's definitely both of their faults.

There is a mistake in the credits for chapter 28. The cleaner was actually Rupali. My bad.

Yeah I don't like where this is going.


Okay, she's been a bit of a cunt to him. I wonder why. Maybe because from the very beginning she was pretty open that she didn't want anything to do with him(for very good reasons, I might add) but he kept on pestering her anyways in the most cringeworthy ways? So when she finally agreed to "date" it was obviously done just so that he fucks off? It's like, what the hell did you expect dude if you basically forced her to do it?


And now apparently she's the one at fault. Sorry but not drinking a juice your "boyfriend" bought you is not even close to digging through someone else's phone without permission.


I was bit hopeful when he snapped... I thought - man, maybe he'll finally stop being such a bitch. Well, surprise, he's still a total bitch. Now wait for him to come up with something even more cringeworthy to apologize. And her admitting she's been at fault as well(even though she was not)


I'll probably still keep reading it for the accurate portrayal of retardation of high school students(side cast, I'm counting on you) but as far as I'm concerned the romance part is pretty much over.

Well he didn't really make a lot of sense, but at least he finally said something to her 

Damn.. it's kinda pissed me off to see Ja Rim's behavior..

I am so confused. 27 chapters seems too much of a prologue.

Ohhhh he snapped

I am so happy this is failing.

The masochism level in this guy is unbelievable

LMFAO!!! chap. 25 XD omg Oh Aram!! I love her

I'm so glad that there weren't any surprise GIFs in chapter 25...

Finally..i want some progress between the side characters

So.. he is Sanji huh.

MMC's progress: 0

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

...been waiting for this

I felt sorry for the guy in the beginning, but this is borderline harassment lol
Edit: Okay I may have been wrong, is this a whole nother level of tsundere :'D

omg this..!

We're releasing on batoto again! :)

Anybody noticed this with certain meme XD


Darn it. This is ao funny and random. I just love how stupid these kids are and how it acurately represent dumb high school kids.
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