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Majima-kun Suttobasu!!

Alt Names: alt 陣内流柔術武闘伝 真島クンすっとばす!!alt Jinnai Ryūjujutsu Butōden Majima-kun Suttobasu!!alt Jinnai Ryuujuujutsu Butouden Majima-kun Suttobasu!!
Author: Niwano Makoto
Artist: Niwano Makoto
Genres: Comedy ComedyMartial Arts Martial ArtsSchool Life School LifeShounen Shounen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: A comedic fighting (martial arts) series.
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oo, this is good.
MORE PLZ MORE!!! really good Manga plz upload them all i and every1 would really appreciate it. THANKS
woah! i didn't think it would be this amazing! ^^
gut manga. great work
@darkhaos: keep up the good work and gl
So here it is chapter 2, sorry it took me longer than i expected, but I hope you like it
thanks for your comments, I will try continuing this manga, but maybe I'm going to need help.
Superb work darkdhaos
no, the status is for the scanlation status. I'll be changing that.
The manga look great, the fact that you did this by youself is amazing.
the raws are complete, i thought the status was for that
Complete? or is the raws complete :P?

Look's pretty interesting :P i love comedyísh fighting :P
May I be the first one to say good job and that was awesome manga!
Well, it's the first time I translated and edited a manga, so please tell me whatever I need to get better.

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