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Mizutama Honey Boy

Alt Names: alt Şeker Çocukalt Polka Dot Honey Boyalt 水玉ハニーボーイalt 水珠HoneyBoy
Author: Ike Junko
Artist: Ike Junko
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Mei Sengoku is an independent girl and captain of her high school kendo club who enjoys helping others in need. This has earned her a lot of admirers among the girls at her school, as well as a guy named Shirou Fuji well-known at school for his girly way of speaking and gestures. When Shirou asks Mei to go out with him, she simply rejects him, but he comes back the next day and tells her he's not going to give up on her so easily.
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Title Group Contributor Date
Vol.6 Ch.24: Capitolo 24
Shōjo Otaku Family ~ S.O.F.Team S.O.F.Team (Italian Team) 3 weeks ago
Vol.3 Ch.11 Read Online
ToraScans Staszeq A week ago

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I think it’s just something that comes along with being the youngest too. Even though I’m far from the strongest in my family, every time we go shopping I do most of the heavy lifting. I don’t really mind though because even though I complain about it sometimes, I like being relied on for once and I don’t want to see the rest of my family take on baggage when I can do it.

In chapter 33, we have two faces of Shirou:


Sengoku-san nailed it when she said, "I'm just a coward." I wonder how many more filler chapters of side-character relationships we'll have to suffer through before she actually confesses to Fuji-kun? If ever...


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Chapter 31 page 20: Fuji has been cemented as the manliest girly-boy i've ever seen. God bless him.

I have to admit that I'm definitely enjoying this.  It's a pretty quirky/unserious manga.  Thanks, Hachimitsu Scans.

An update, finally!

Nice an update!

I'm so happy to see this manga back, also I love everything that transpired in these last few chapters. 8')

Manabu's wordless expressions are priceless.

Spero presto in dei risvolti❤️ È davvero carino
L'ultima scena è spettacolare nel capitolo 18 (*≧∀≦*)
Aaaaah ma è carinissimoooooooo (๑>◡<๑)


When did Fuji parents first show up? I have no memory of them.

I remember seeing this series in the front page a lot.


Says "shoujo", so it didn't immediately pique my interest.


But then with ch 28.5 update I saw that vol. 6 cover.


"Oh wait... that's the look I usually like in a badass/strong girl."


Saw "Hachimitsu scans".


O boi.


Checked the first chapter confession.

Ahh yeah, I'm very familiar in particular with this Hachimitsu scans we all know and love.



God I love everything about this manual, just makes me laugh so damn hard. Also the nanao blood does indeed run deep considering what we've seen of those kids. :'D they're like an actual line of ninjas.
The way they speak about it, you'd half expect Nanao family blood to be listed as a world wonder LOL.

jajaja Fuki-Kun is so cute jajaja!! thanks

o.O Seriously... i come back to this manga and this is the cliffhanger  i have to witness


gahhh fuji is so cutee

I've been laughing at Nanao's shenanigans for the past hour. I can't handle how random he is.



I'm still baffling over


Off-topic, but I never got that idiom. What's the point of having a cake if you're not going to eat it?

It's because once you eat the cake, it's no longer there. So you can't both have the cake if it's eaten.

That's called having your cake and eating it too. It's incredibly rude to both men, and is essentially keeping a spare.

Off-topic, but I never got that idiom. What's the point of having a cake if you're not going to eat it?

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