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Alt Names: alt Kanjou Spectrumalt NightS (Yoneda Kou)alt Replyalt Reply (Yoneda Kou)
Author: YONEDA Kou
Artist: YONEDA Kou
Genres: Action ActionDrama DramaSchool Life School LifeYaoi Yaoi
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: NightS:
A yakuza comes to request the services of an specialized transporter that takes care of delicate and illegal merchandise. It seems this transporter is quite picky about his clients, stating that he doesn't belong to any group; you can't trust yakuza. However he gets interested in this transaction and in the mysterious man that is negotiating it. What sort of hidden encounters will bring the nights to these strangers with such intriguing personalities?

Kanjou Spectrum:
Kugou's best friend Nakaya is cheerful, lively, and just a bit hopeless, exactly the type who is popular with both boys and girls. So it comes as no surprise to Kugou when one day he catches Usui, a quiet, yet serious classmate staring at them as they pass by...

Seki works as a mechanic in a car selling shop. There he meets Takami, the top salesman. After helping one of Takami costumers with her car, the two men learn they both apreciate each other's company. For Takami, Seki's a good friend and listener. But what does Seki think of Takami...?


>NightS - Another Story (Sequel)
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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For those who haven't read it, there is a second part to this one shot that can be located here: http://www.myreadingmanga.info/2013/04/yoneda-kou-nights-another-story-eng.html

This is just great ! Except from a few bits, it feels like it could really happen <3
i wish that this was longer. Well that is the way of the one shot. It reminds me of Border and I love this.

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