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Orpheus no Mado

Alt Names: alt 奥尔佛士之窗alt オルフェウスの窓alt Cửa sổ ước mơalt Jendela Orpheusalt Orpheus'un Penceresialt The Window of Orpheus
Author: IKEDA Riyoko
Artist: IKEDA Riyoko
Genres: Drama DramaGender Bender Gender BenderHistorical HistoricalRomance RomanceShoujo ShoujoTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: From Storm in Heaven:

The story begins in Europe, during the first years of the XX century. On a background of intrigues, machinations and a Europe that is going strait toward World War I, three kids meet at a strict conservatory in Germany. Julius met Isaac at the famous Orpheus' Window and later in another event met Klaus there. The legend told that two lovers met at Orpheus' Window would end in unhappiness. But Julius met two different persons, and they didn't know Julius' secret. In fact, Julius is a woman who's forced to dress up and pretend to be a guy. But she isn't the only one who has secrets. Klaus, for example, is Russian. Is he a communist spy? Then the whirlwind of fate began.
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You guys are GODS for picking this up again! Thank you so much!!!!!

thanks so much for picking this up!!

Really thanks for continuing this series... Cuz love Ikeda Riyoko's all of works. ^^

It really is a tragedy! Why am I reading this?! I hate tragedy! But it's so beautiful!

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