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Otogi Moyou Ayanishiki

Alt Names: alt お伽もよう綾にしきalt 綾羅戀曲alt 绫罗恋曲alt Fairy Tale - Motif Brocadealt Fairy-tale-like Noblealt Otogi mo You Aya ni Shikialt Otogi Moyou Ayanishiki
Author: Hikawa Kyouko
Artist: Hikawa Kyouko
Genres: Comedy ComedyFantasy FantasyHistorical HistoricalRomance RomanceShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Raised by a nun, the kind-hearted Suzune possesses an unknown power she has never tried to use. Suzune has always heeded the warning her surrogate father, Shinkuro, gave her about how dangerous her power could be. However, one day while crossing the mountain on an errand, she encounters a snake monster…


> Otogi Moyou Ayanishiki Futatabi
( http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/otogi-moyou-ayanishiki-futatabi-r5563 )
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I loved this! One of my favorite stories :3

I've read this before since I love this artist's works, and I was definitely not disappointed. It's hilarious, heart-warming, and so innocently romantic. I shouldn't neglect to mention the action, either. I always love the female protagonists by this author. They're just very easy to root for.


Now I'm re-reading this series and omigosh, I realize all over again that little Suzu is one of the cutest things I've ever seen! >.< It's incredibly hard not to squeal at her. So. cute!

Dang I hate that.

Otherwise, a fairly good read. worth the time.
Another great Hikawa Kyouko series, very different from her usual romances, but with a great story and very good characters. Really good and entertaining read.
what a very cute ending. Haha XD
I really liked this! The art isn't the best, so I was unsure at the beginning. But it turns out that the art very much reflects the story itself: simple, charming, and enjoyable. There's no messy love triangle here, no petty rivals or cliche'd miscommunications. Otogi Moyou Ayanishiki is about the battle of good and evil, portrayed in a way classic instead of trite. The storytelling is excellent, and I was drawn through the manga very naturally, on the edge of my seat the whole time. What I loved most was all the traditional Japanese mysticism. The mangaka said she loved Japanese history and myth, and I could really tell. Definitely worth the read!

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