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Paros no Ken

Alt Names: alt パロスの剣alt Parosu no Kenalt The Sword of Paros
Author: KURIMOTO Kaoru
Artist: IGARASHI Yumiko
Genres: Adventure AdventureDrama DramaFantasy FantasyGender Bender Gender BenderShoujo ShoujoShoujo Ai Shoujo AiTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: There is a legend in the kingdom of Paros -- a legend of the Sword. It is said that if one who is unfit to rule should wield it, it will mean the ruin of the kingdom. As sole heir to the throne of Paros, Princess Erminia must accept the Sword and a husband when she comes of age on her next birthday. But the princess refuses to wed any man who is less of a man than she -- which excludes every man in the kingdom! Just when Erminia is ordered by her father the king to wed her foster brother Yurias, she has a fateful encounter with the unfortunate, beautiful maiden Fiona..!? "The Sword of Paros" is a miraculous romantic fantasy about defying convention, transcending gender and status, and knowing oneself.
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I put off reading this for a long time, out of a worry that it would play out like so many other manga dealing with themes of gender and sexuality did in the 80's: a lot of fairly powerful statements about being true to yourself, a good mix of strong, self-determined characters and timid ones that are easily swayed by pressure, and a narrative arc that is relentlessly punishing of any attempts by those characters to assert themselves and step outside established social norms. For better or worse, my worries and expectations were entirely correct.

It may have felt deeply true-to-life at the time, to be forced to either sacrifice your self and your love to save your world, or sacrifice your world to save your self and your love, but that doesn't make it any less hopeless and dispiriting to read.

Ese final mas malo, no entiendo porque desde un principio no se escapo con ella. Al final solo perdió el tiempo quedándose y haciendo caer su reino.

Holy cliff hanger endings batman. Hate when that happens, but still a good read. Thanks for translating this.

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