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Pure Mission

Alt Names:
Author: Sakura Natsuki
Artist: Sakura Natsuki
Genres: Oneshot OneshotRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
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What the heck is a high-spec boyfriend? Is he superhuman or what?


I really hate how stereotypical men are in shoujo manga; either they are "thugs" or femalized bishounen... Even the stereotypical female character in shounen manga has more variations (although many times there's that -dere element that I've yet to spot in any real human [maybe it only exists in Japan xD]).

Though the boy was somehow

I don't think he's what is supposed to be "male".

Aside from that, I once read that in Japan it's not common to touch someone of the other sex, especially for females, but somehow pop culture [Drama/Anime/Manga] depicts it even more straight-forward than it was here in Germany back in the days of my higher school education...


The "clingy" female is the complete counterpart to the yamato nadeshiko, so does that mean Japans female youth consists mainly of "tomboys"? This is rather confusing @-@...

I don't really like this one but I'm crying again. Is it because my love life failed?

I don't think alot of people in the US are touchy touchy but oh well. Adorable mangu.

It's cute enough. It's always funny to see impressions of what foreign/american behaviour is like from a Japanese POV. Always exagerated it seems.
So cute :3

That was really sweet. I teared up a little bit c':

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