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Alt Names: alt ローブリッター
Author: SAIDA Nika
Artist: SAIDA Nika
Genres: Comedy ComedyEcchi EcchiMystery MysterySmut SmutYuri Yuri
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Three years ago, Karamura Neneko's father died. Since then, she's been living together with her older sister, Nanako. They've been living together happily until recently, when Nanako starts acting strangely. There will be nights that she doesn't sleep at home, and then one day she completely disappears. Not only that, but she quit her job at a company that she had been at for a long time.

Worried about her sister, she remembers a place that her father told her to go to if she was ever in trouble, the Raubritter. Upon arrival, she meets Shinobu and Yokana, cousins that run a detective agency, more-so as a hobby than a career. Since they are both fairly wealthy they never ask for payment. They only help young maidens in need, and since their business is a secret, only people with connections come to them. It turns out that Neneko's father helped them out a lot in the past. The cousins are heart broken to find out that he died, so they are more than willing to help Neneko find her sister.

What has happened to Neneko's sister? Will a special relationship develop between Neneko and the cousins?
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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short but fun ride...

I wish it were just a little bit longer, but I really enjoyed this... I can't believe how adorable Neneko is. 

Little disappointed her relationship seemed to get pretty much ignored in the end. Still it was cute and enjoyable.

I feel like this was WAY too cute to be tagged smut but I guess it fits by definition.

What’s the deal with manga and random German?

They love that blonde hair/blue eyes

What’s the deal with manga and random German?

Japan and Germany have traditionally had close ties.  They were, of course, allies in WWII, but it goes back to the Meiji Restoration.  As part of the Meiji regime's modernization and westernization plans, they surveyed the western nations looking for what they wanted to model themselves after.  The new Imperial Japanese Navy looked to Britain's Royal Navy, of course (why imitate anything but the undisputed best?), but the army and much of the government were impressed by Prussia (which three years after the Restoration would unify Germany under its king, now Emperor of Germany), and modelled itself after it.  The stereotypical boy's school uniform with the choker collar jacket was based on Prussian cadet's uniforms of the time.  (The Japanese looked at the US as well but were not impressed with us.  They felt we were too undisciplined and chaotic)

What’s the deal with manga and random German?

The same deal with manga and random English (laugh)

....her dad had to be a little bit evil... I mean he basically should have known their umm "preference" in romance and he basically told the little calf to go into the lions den. Oh well he also knew they'd make her happy so yeah... her dad is beyond pro.

Reading this was a lot of fun ^_^

My first Yuri series...xD..its quite...different...

What’s the deal with manga and random German?

Well, it's fun at any rate.

Yeah there is hardly one out there, hope this one is good.

Yay! More sweet yuri!

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