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Red Witch

Alt Names:
Author: Simgun
Artist: Simgun
Genres: Action ActionShounen ShounenWebtoon Webtoon
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Rena Chunkova is a Soviet Union female tank commander who partakes in World War 2. Her lone tank becomes isolated deep in enemy territory. Rena and her tank crew attempt to get back. However...

Note : This webtoon is based on WoT (World of Tanks) online game.

Scanlation: http://www.surasplace.com/index.php/webtoon/item/108-red-witch.html
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World of tanks is such a $#!++v game I wonder why people even play it.

I already thought that Heroes in the sky was flawed big times (mainly because of the p2win aspects/content), but at least HITS was fun for some couple of hours and gave you an early advancement option.


The types of plane you could choose from were also way more divergent than the tank types in WOT.


IMO, they should've at least included missile launchers and artillery units as well to make the battle more interesting and tactical, instead of being an arms race of "who's got the tank with the most armor that makes him invulnerable to over 90% of the attacks".

If that's really world of tanks I'm amazed the IS nailed it's first shot.

Is that it? Lol bye~


Where's the "advertisement" genre when you need it?

Just giving some additional info on the webtoon.


This webtoon was posted on Korean version of World of Tanks official website some years ago.

First time I've seen a tiger 2 panther? in manga tbh. 2/3rds the wya through I was tihnking "I bet the author of this manghwa plays tank games"

and at the end... well

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