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Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

Alt Names: alt リン
Author: HAROLD Sakuishi
Artist: HAROLD Sakuishi
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaMystery MysteryRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenSlice of Life Slice of LifeSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Fushimi is a high-school student who also aspires to be a mangaka. Rin is a model who appears to be able to see the future. What will happen in the future?
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I'd just like to thank the people who invested their time in translating this work. So thank you very much!

two series ended with this chapter

Good series in start but the ending is very bad, I don't want re-read this series again. Some author decide to stop their series with great ending (big impact) but not for this one, Is this axed, even some axed manga has better ending than this one.
I read all of the chapters in one go.
Goid stuff man. Good stuff.

This was good, I'll miss it. Forever thank you RyColaa!

It ended, which makes me sad, but it didn't feel like an ending that hurt the series that badly, and in that I'm thankful.

Still, it really is sad to see one of my favorite stories finish for good, especially with a lot of the set-up and Torus stuff mostly unresolved.


I think it's highly unlikely, but if by any chance Harold's next work was Re:Member, I'd laugh so much. But right now, maybe he needs a break.

Thanks ryColaa!  You guys rock!  Loved this series!

great manga but rather sudden end

Great manga. Thank you guys for the great scanlation. This was awesome, both story- and scanlation-wise.


This needs an explosion that he won't look.

I want to see Remember 's ending more than this manga ending.

Thanks for Scanlating this, I absolutely adore this series I just love Harold Sakuishi's artstyle and characters so much

Wow what a lukewarm ending. This started off good but ended terrible... Romance stuff didn't even get resolved. Beck was so much beter then this.

Thanks for the wonderful work translating it.

ryColaa's awesome!

Thank you so much for the great work! Really enjoyed the superb translations + lingos and the editing despite the changing conditions of the raw!

I just tilted at how the title is written, Rin can also be read as R-N which stand probably for Rin and Norito...


Anyway it was a good ending, for what the manga had and wanted to tell.

Why is this kind of endings keep getting more popular day by day ? Like, we all fucking know that he is gonna get much more famous, maybe even become the best and he is definitely going to marry Rİn. So why leave it like this ? make a real ending for fucks sake, ending your manga like this only makes me think you are not good enough to write something satisfying to readers and you suck. it annoys me so much, just thinking I kept reading this for so long just to not see him become really famous (well, he did become famous but not as much as those masters) and not get together with heroine.

Typical manga ending you'd expect nowadays. Not sure why some think they would get it now.

Respect for ending the manga where it is. It's awful when mangas get dragged out longer than they ought to. I also hate it when the ending is oh here's the characters 5 years from now and they're married and they have a child isn't that great. Totally unnecessary, it makes me sick. This is such a more elegant ending. You know what's going to happen to the characters in the future, the story is over.

easily one of the best short story mangas ive ever read

Thanks ryColaa, for sharing this great manga.


I'm not sure why people don't like the ending, it seems to tie up the loose ends in line with what the earlier chapters foreshadowed. The scene with his sister was especially touching, but there were other memorable scenes too.


Another commenter suggested the chapters can be underwhelming because this is an episodic plot, but I disagree. I think reading each chapter as it comes is like riding a rollercoaster and getting regularly stopped before the big descent. If you don't like taking the ride in bites, likely it's best to hang back and be patient, and then take in several chapters at once. I do that sometimes, when the drama gets me frustrated. Reading the final chapters of Rin together made for a good experience.


Anyway, more than many others I've read, this work feels like art. The Jomon references helped too (giving it more ties to the world outside). So I especially appreciate those that made it and the scanlators for bringing it to us. Thanks a lot :)

Disapointed but not surprised with that ending, nothing special for fushimi and rin, only side character got something good in their live.

Thank you RyColaa for all those chapters!


Otherwise, the end is rather unsavory (I guess it's due to this editing chapter by chapter thing, wich prevents you from haing a clear start to finish story), but the manga as a whole is great.

Wood Stock

Shiori Experience

Boku wa Beatles

I hadn't read Wood Stock.  Thanks for that.

so bad lol.

What a terrible explanation for everything.

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