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Route End

Alt Names: alt ルートエンド
Author: Nakagawa Kaiji
Artist: Nakagawa Kaiji
Genres: Horror HorrorMystery MysteryPsychological PsychologicalSeinen Seinen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Due to a harsh experience in life, Haruno eventually becomes a cleaning specialist in the field of clearing the remnants of the deceased.

After a particular day, Haruno becomes involved in the curious case of 'END'.
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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I bet for a family member of one of the victims. Same DNA.

It would have to be an identical twin. which is possible.

Igarashi is so fucking /fit/

Are there any plans to adapt this into a live-action series?

I bet for a family member of one of the victims. Same DNA.

Oh man, things are getting more and more interesting. Things are clarifying, we're getting deeper characterization of everyone and mature storytelling involving se-


>those Igarashi abs


...o-oh Jesus

I'm really grateful for the awesome work, but why, whyyyy the last chapter had to be the one with the biggest cliffhanger 

Thanks for the new chapters.

What a woman.

Igarashi and Haruno : birds of a feather. So much anger.

Damnnnnnn the action picked up, it's volume 2 and it's beautiful


Wow, Just Wow

The classic useless police


To be fair, he was running wildly around the street with a knife in his hand. Any decent policeman would stop a guy like that.

The classic useless police

I was worried I might never see another chapter of this, what a happy surprise. :)

Since his apartment isn't all that high, there's a possibility that his brother is still alive (not as alive as the detective's brother, but alive)

"Lets find End!" .... Well that was easy
So… the obvious red herring would be
Well, this scalated quickly :P

Pretty good manga and nice scanslations. Thanks!

This is starting to remind me a good bit of Kim Carnby's works, specifically Bastard, in how it seems to incorporate the relationships between characters into the (murder) mystery, and have them be the focus of the story. So it is essentially Detectives solving a crime, rather than a crime solved by detectives. Persons before the plot.

Hmm, the brother of MC seems like a decent guy, for now.


You could say that's the END of volume 1.

*badum tss*

Jesus Christ. Now that's a cliffhanger.

You could say that's the END of volume 1.

Jesus Christ. Now that's a cliffhanger.

So we have....


... It's a cult that kills it's members that are mostly people depressed over their family!
...... The brother is an alien. 

Now, I wonder if End is not some kind of "suicide service".  What if all those people wanted to die and got a helping hand by End?


And btw, I'm not 100% sure that Haruno isn't the killer. Could be a split personality. Other possibility is the brother of the police officer. That's about the only characters for now who fit the bill : they are both in relation to suicides.

Then being mutilated and arranged to spell "END" is their extra service? :P


Haruno's little brother could also be a candidate.

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