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Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa

Alt Names: alt Legend of the Strongest Man, Kurosawaalt Legenda Najsilniejszego Mężczyzny, Kurosawyalt Strongest Man Kurosawaalt The Legend of a Strongest Manalt The Legend of the Strongest Manalt 最強伝説黒沢alt أسطورة الرجل الأقوى كوروساواalt افسانه قویترین مرد كوروساوا
Author: Fukumoto Nobuyuki
Artist: Fukumoto Nobuyuki
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaPsychological PsychologicalSeinen SeinenSlice of Life Slice of LifeTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: 44 years old and still unmarried, construction worker Kurosawa wants nothing more than a little respect from his co-workers...and some popularity wouldn't hurt either.

Unfortunately, Kurosawa's awkwardness and lack of social aptitude causes any attempts he makes to that effect to fail miserably time and again. But one day, his already bad luck takes a sudden turn for the worse...
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"no matter how hopeless you're keep fighting till the end"

I shed my tears for kurosawa, dammit, why can't it be happy end.

damn that ending T_T

Kurosawa is definitely one of my favorites of Fukumoto work. Such an emotional ending.

Omg... the football match in the first chapter, World Cup 2002 Japan-Turkey... I'm almost up to tears... 

At that time we were screaming with rejoice while these men cried with sorrow on the other side of the planet... this is why I love manga.. OMG can't go on..

If anyone wants to read a high school version of this, check out

Angel Densetsu

a true man, you have my respects Kurosawa

I stop on volume 1...My heart can't handle this...

A real man fights.

Shit.  I can't believe how much I ended up respecting this guy after how much his awkward behavior aggravated the shit out of me.


God damnit Kurosawa, why did things work out this way for you.

This is just an amazing piece of work...


For anyone who is looking for a good read, I suggest reading this...

Such a great manga, it deserves a spot in my favorites.

This manga was just amazing, love it from the start to the end, surely one of my favorites.

Only read this message if you have already finished the series:



A true legend. All hail Kurosawa, for he is us,

I don't even know what is this manga... But just taking a peek at 10 last page bring almost bring me tears... MUST START READING.


---read vol 1---

gosh this is more depressing than Punpun 

There is not translated sequel. So, it's not whole story.

It's not every day a series makes more hair sprout on my balls. What a manly series.

Had I been more familiar with Fukumoto's work, I would have been prepared for this when I finished it some years ago. I wasn't. I cried. A common man - An uncommon hero. Remember this when we, too, are in the middle of our years.

I really respect him.

Still haven't cried from any media as much as I did during the ending of this. It still brings tears in my eyes.

Just started reading this and I feel so bad for Kurosawa. I'd be his friend!
one of the best manga i have ever read..
Can any other manga make me move my feelings such as this masterpiece..?
My god Kurosawa....What a Badass o---o I hope I grow up to be admirable as him, He lived though so many hardships though he got close to giving up he carried on I really respect him.
This guy's art maybe strange, but it grows on you and you eventually think it looks great. Story was good too. I almost straight up cried.
"Am I as admirable as that ant?"

Manly tears from start to finish. Read it. Now.

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