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Sayonara Football

Alt Names: alt Adiós al fútbolalt さよならフットボールalt 再见足球
Author: ARAKAWA Naoshi
Artist: ARAKAWA Naoshi
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaGender Bender Gender BenderRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenSports Sports
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Nozomi wants to enter the newcomer's competition. But the coach is against it, because their club is a boy's football club and she's... a she. Will she be able to enter the match she wants to play in?
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Great manga, hidden gem. You can't help but root for this girl from the bottom of your heart, the magnitude of her love for football really shows, the mangaka did a good job. 

To add my 50 cents:


I came here  from "Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso" because of the same author.

Is this manga good for reading compared "Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso"?

This...Was really nice. It was short and sweet~ 

Glad I found it!

Can't we have an OVA for this?

Pretty good short series. The characters were written well and the soccer match actually pretty exciting.


Also glad the plot is something better and isn't about ''I need to hide muh identity''. Getting tired with that kind of plot honestly.



What a fun manga :)

I've loved soccer all my life and I think this manga accurately represents it. No matter how feminist or sexist or anything you are, it's true that physically, in the case of a man and a woman who go through the same exercises and regimen without any use of drugs, the man will end up stronger. His body is built for that, and the Y chromosome gives him a lot of things girls don't have since it isn't really necessary for both sexes of a mating species to be strong...


Ahh, it was a very good read! That ending...

Regardless of events/ideals/bias/yadda yadda, the characters were enjoyable and intense plot. But poor, poor brother.

/end pointless review
Well, I disagree.

But even if I didn't, that almost misses my point. The point is, nobody ever complains when guy sports stories are fairy tales. And guy sports stories are always fairy tales. So, what makes girl sport stories so different that suddenly if they're fairy tales that's not realistic enough? When guys do what she did, they get to win. Always. Really, show me an exception--I suppose there might be one, somewhere, but it's practically nonexistent.
Frankly, it's much the way yuri manga started, or gay romances in Hollywood movies still are: They gained some recognition by having their stories told at all, but it had to be kind of tragic to convey that it's still sort of forbidden and society disapproves. Or "Thelma and Louise"--women find some strength, turn independent, do a road movie; obviously they have to die. Early yuri stories were usually like that, and I'm very happy that they've solidly made the transition to where the girls get to have happy romances too. But it often seems girls serious in sports are less accepted than gays.
Purple Library Guy, Making it fairy tale, on the level of Shukyuu Shoujo would definitely spoil it.
When I was a kid we played soccer without any gender separation. Some of the girls were MVP, cause girls mature earlier and are usually higher and more level headed than guys. From 12-13 years the situation reverse and boys become better at sports, which rely on strength and stamina. The girls with whom we played gradually fell behind and quit, unable to cover big difference in height and weight with skills alone. Between two players of diffrent gender and same skill, man would have an upper hand in a fair game.
Well, excellent story. Wonderful characters, amazing game with grit, determination, creativity, feelings . . . BUT
OK, as of end of chapter 3, my dominant emotion:
Fu$##@$%ing coach, I want to #%$@! murder the motherf&*%@ing bastard.
WTF!? That's it!? It feels like the author will continue it someday... But I don't want to get my hopes up...
You just get caught up with the characters, feeling what they feel!!
Oh man, it'd be sweet if it was longer!! Two volumes is not enough to contain my excitement for this manga D':

It's fantastic!! Must read!!

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